Gadget Wishlist : Top 8 gadgets that I want

I may write a lot about internet services and experiences, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love gadgets. Here’s a list of gadgets that I’ve been waiting to see, or gadgets that I want now:

1. Sony Vaio TZ – Awesome ultra-portable laptop from Sony. Wonderful things like neat chiclet keyboard, fingerprint scanner, beautiful designs, 2.7 lbs, 5-9 hours of battery life, built-in webcam, Bluetooth, VERY portable, speedy and a bunch of other goodies. This is super useful for computing on the go, and it works pretty much as well as a regular laptop. Way better than the pathetic MacBook Air. Unfortunately, it costs quite a penny. $1,700 – $3,500


2. Zune 80 – Neat PMP from Microsoft. Awesome features include : 80GB storage, WiFi, big 3" glass screen, brushed aluminum backside (no scratches!), intuitive interface, Social aspect, FM tuner, premium headphones, customizable background, and a bunch of other nifty features. I would have gotten the iPod Touch, but I don’t need to be hooked to the internet when I’m mobile (as if I’m not on enough), and it costs way too much for little storage and a gimmicky multi-touch feature. The only thing I dislike is the Zune software isn’t as cool as WMP 11, and not much color choices, and there needs to be more software features. Store price is $249.


3. HTC Touch Diamond – Latest ultimate smartphone from HTC. Designed to be the best WinMo phone there is, and knock the socks off of the iPhone 3G. Great features include WinMo 6.1 Pro, 4GB internal storage, 2.8" resistive touchscreen w/ VGA resolution, 3.5G (HSDPA), GPS & A-GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi 802.11 b/g, 2 cameras including a 3.2 MP color with auto-focus, and the other is VGA CMOS, among a bazillion other neat features. Too much to sum it up. I was considering the Sony Xperia X1, but so far I’m not impressed beyond the screen panels. HTC really jazzed up the WinMo UI and it’s much more fun to use, and seems to be a great solid phone. However, I did wish there was capacitive touch beyond the bottom keys, 3" screen or greater, and maybe a cheaper price. Not issued in the US currently.


4. HP TouchSmart 2 – Practically the neatest all-in-one desktop to come in a long time. The original HP Touchsmart was an interesting concept, but seemed too bulky and wasn’t exactly that much of a looker. The HP TouchSmart 2 is way better. Neat features include 22" HD multi-touch widescreen, sleek semi-slim design, lots of built-in multi-touch apps, built-in webcam, light sensors and bottom light, TV tuner, and a bunch of other neat features. I have a few complaints though, mainly that there’s way too much crapware installed (I HATE Norton), and the screen isn’t that adjustable (not that bad), and I’m not too sure on the whole multi-touch front. HP isn’t really good at giving nice info. on their website. The model I’m looking at (IQ506) includes a TV tuner: a sweet $1,499


5. Sony XBR2 LCD HDTV (KDL-40XBR2) – Practically the sweetest HDTV on the market. No other TV like it. Awesome aspects include : Huge bezel display, 16:9 1080p, 3 HDMI ports, Freeze Frame, IFP2, ACE, 178 degree viewing angle, 8 millisecond response, integrated HDTV tuner, 40" LCD screen, EnergyStar qualified, and a bunch of other technical details I have no clue about. The only thing setting me back is the cost. I’m not certain since it is out of stock on Amazon, but a review mentions that he bought a 40" one on Amazon for $2,299 with no shipping cost. I have no idea at the moment, since Amazon is out of stock, and the Sony site is NOT helpful. Model numbers confuse me! So I’m guessing it’s way more than $2000 to say the least.


6. iriver UNIT 2 – If I wasn’t going to consider a Zune 80, I might consider the UNIT 2 from iriver. There’s not much details since the iriver site contains no leads, and it hasn’t been released in the US, but pictures and videos have show a cool PMP unit thing. Features include : a fancy dock with big sliding speaker panels and sliding CD/DVD slot, HDMI and other ports, a WiFi combination remote/keyboard/IP-phone, LCD touchscreen (removable) with WiFi, built-in webcam, internet browser, widgets, a bunch of other neat doo-hickeys. It’s probably the most ultimate media contraption there is. However, most details are scarce and according to a video, won’t be in the US until early 2009, and for a pricey $700. 


7. Canon PowerShot SD870 IS – I’m not camera-smart, but I think the Canon PowerShot SD870 IS would be a great camera for me. I currently have a PowerShot A530 and it works well enough for me (5MP and even takes videos!), but I don’t mind going for more MP and ease of use. Here are some nice features of the PowerShot SD870 IS : 8.0MP, 4.0X digital zoom, 28mm wide, 3.0" LCD screen, 16:9 widescreen, UA lens, red-eye correction, face detection, and those are the main features that I think are great for me. I can’t think of anything bad beyond the usual price tag. Suggested retail price : $299.99


8. Sony Vaio VGC-LT15E – If I didn’t notice the HP TouchSmart 2, I might consider a Vaio all-in-one desktop I saw in Best Buy the other month. Like I said, Sony probably makes the best computers, but with a high cost. The desktop I’m looking at comes from the Vaio LT series. Features include : 22" LCD HDTV (computer AND TV), NTSC (standard) & ASTC (HD) tuners, 2GB RAM, CD/DVD dual-layer drive, XBRITE-HiColor panel (with anti-glare/reflective filter), 5 USB 2.0 ports, 1 FireWire, 1.3 MP webcam, wireless aluminum keyboard and mouse, remote control, and other fancy tech stuff. I just wish the webcam had more MP, and the price wasn’t too high. I’m looking at a list price of $1,800


Actually, that’s pretty much all I need. I can’t think of anymore, and this list was already longer than I’d expect. If I bought them all, that’d be over $5000 already!

Anyways, this is my gadget wishlist (with few ever making it to my hands). I’m not really a video game console-type person. PC gaming suits me well, and I’m more of the casual gamer type anyhow. I’m not interested in watches with high-tech screens, but watches that are beautiful and classy to wear. I don’t even really need a PMP (since I usually prefer to do something, rather than dawdle with a PMP) to use for portable entertainment. And I don’t use my cellphone much except for calls.

Sounds silly, considering I love digital technology, but I try to stay away from fancy gadgets and neat devices. I don’t want to stay hooked to the internet every single second/minute, and these gadgets would do just the opposite. I want to enjoy myself, and be tech-free sometimes, but I would just love to have these gadgets around just in case.

What’s your favorite gadget that you would love to have, or already do have? Anything wrong with the gadgets I chose?

5 thoughts on “Gadget Wishlist : Top 8 gadgets that I want

  1. Nice list… Feel like getting the same… I have the Canon Camera, and let me tell you it is amazing. I made almost the same jump as well from the A Series, and let me tell you that camera is definitely worth the price…

  2. Wow. #4 looks super cool. I didn\’t hear about it until now. I notice a lot of Sony products on your list. :^)
    I\’m not much of a gadget girl, because I really don\’t have much money to spend or time to use them. Though of course, I wouldn\’t mind having one of course.

  3. I too have had my eyes on a Vaio TZ. And like you said, they\’re pricey.
    I think you should go with the Touch Pro if you\’re interested in HTC\’s new phones. It\’s like the Diamond, except with an optional slide-out keyboard. It does touch and tactile support. Not sure if you\’re into keyboards though.
    Great choice on the TV. I\’d wait to see what Microsoft has in store for their 3rd generation Zune before buying the current one. Not that Zune 2 is bad, it\’s quite awesome and better than the iPod Classics, but it wouldn\’t hurt.

  4. Although the current Zune looks really nice, I\’m going to wait for the next generation model. I\’m really hoping for a higher resolution screen. The Touch Diamond is incredible though.

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