Apple iDiots – People who wait in line for an overhyped phone

iDiots. I don’t know why anyone would want to wait in line for a hunk of overhyped plastic that’s only barely better than it’s predecessor.

I don’t know why the media always tends to go for stupid things like this. Maybe if they tried hyping something else, other companies could have the chance.

Good luck on your activation issues, and forking up tons of money for upgrades and service fees!


Actually, I don’t really hate the iPhone that much. It’s a good solid phone and all, and maybe Microsoft could learn some tips on how to really do a phone for consumers, and not just business users.

But people need to get smart, and stop waiting in week-long lines just to get a stupid phone. These people need a life, and obviously these pictures show that. I hope the pictures and videos points out to a lot of people that a phone can make lots of people cult-like and nutsos, rather than show how the iPhone is "all that".


6 thoughts on “Apple iDiots – People who wait in line for an overhyped phone

  1. "forking up tons of money for upgrades and service fees"
    Not half. I laughed when everyone said the new iPhone was cheaper than the old one. It isn\’t. You have to pay $120 a year extra just to own it – that is NOT cheaper.

  2. True ~ i don\’t understand these ppl, seem like they have nothing better to do ~ spending days or hrs juz for a new " toy", does it really worth our time???!!!

  3. I so agree! NOT just the iPhone, but for any new piece of electronics (video game consoles, phones, computer, video games, etc.).
    I mean it\’s not like you can\’t wait another day, or another week. Being an early-adopter can also have problems (i.e. the first iPhone launch). So what do you have to gain besides (stupid) media coverage of you standing in a line with other bimbos, and to show your friends that you got the latest tech?
    Such idiots. I really feel sorry for the poor saps.

  4. @crestind : Well actually, there were queues for the Xbox 360 console if I remember correctly. But that\’s all I can think of. I think the Vista launch (and previous Windows\’ launches) actually had queues, but none a week before.
    And Microsoft luckily doesn\’t support the strange disgusting cult-like behavior Apple fanboys have. Though they could use more fanboys of course.

  5. @Michael Kreston : Yeah, I meant to add that it\’s not really the iPhone I\’m hating on here, it\’s just sicko fanboys with no life, the kind Apple attracts. Though I also think fanboyism of any product and waiting and sleeping out days and nights for an product release is really lame.

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