Never thought it would happen – Safari crashed!

Yes, my Safari browser crashed. Anything Apple doesn’t crash right?! The world must be coming to an end!


NO. I’m just joking. Even Mac OS X crashes from time to time. I’ve been using Safari for awhile, and I didn’t recall any crashes until now. I was on MySpace (Yes, I use MySpace), and I was clicking on a friend and PING. The crash prompt came up.

To be fair, I get an IE7 crash practically EVERY day. Honestly. I don’t remember a day where IE doesn’t crash at least once. Sometimes more than once. I do something like close a tab, or a tab pops open, a site loads, or even pressing a link has caused IE to shut down. Luckily, I have IE7 Pro, and when I launch IE again, all the sites and tabs I was on show up on a list that I can easily press to go back to. Very handy. I’m just hoping IE8 isn’t this crash-prone like mine is.


Safari apparently doesn’t bring up the tabs or site you were on after you relaunch the browser again. Too bad. I guess Apple doesn’t anticipate their products to crash, but they do.


2 thoughts on “Never thought it would happen – Safari crashed!

  1. @crestind : Glad you like it! It\’s really a great add-on. I might do a blog entry on IE7 Pro sometime. IE7 users could really use this.

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