SocialVibe – A way to advertise and support a cause

I just visited SocialVibe, a site where you can select a cause you find worth helping, and selecting a product/company badge you don’t mind advertising in your social network profile.

You just sign-up, pick a cause, a sponsor you don’t mind displaying, customize the module, and place it in your profile. It supports MySpace, Facebook, MyYearbook, Bebo, and you can apply the code on friendster, Blogger, Live Journal, TypePad, and WordPress. There doesn’t appear to be a Live Spaces app yet. There is Xbox and Zune as sponsors though.

It’s simple, easy, and quick. The site itself is pretty slick, and very nice looking. Everything really flow (Flash?) well. There’s many causes and sponsors to choose from. It’s really nice. Maybe Microsoft should consider making their "I’m making a difference" campaign site more slick-looking too. 

Anyway, SocialVibe seems to be an awesome way to easily contribute to a cause. Check out the screenshots.





5 thoughts on “SocialVibe – A way to advertise and support a cause

  1. @Sammy Keyes, Michael Kreston : Awesome. Can\’t wait to see you on there.
    @Kelly Martens : Hey, your blog is pretty cool. I\’m not into coding, but your blog makes it look less complicated.

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