Xbox Lips – Microsoft integrating the Xbox and Zune closer together?

I took a look at the Xbox Lips site, and took a look at the video (need to be 18 and older, and it’s WMV). I couldn’t help but notice someone plug in a Zune during the game, and the fact that Lips is a karaoke-style game with music. So what could go better with it than a Zune?


The game comes with wireless microphones (which look a little too glam-glam if you ask me) that have "interactive motion sensors and lights"that corresponds with the singer’s actions, and can be used as "percussion accompaniments". You and a partner can sing the lyrics that pop along the screen, and have fun. It’s shown as an entertainment extra for a party.

You can get points by singing the song the "best" way, as indicated by the note bars, and a gauge that measures how "Cool" it is. I don’t really get it, but you score if you sing well.

The details also claims that you can use DRM-free music from your personal collection, or even browse for more on Xbox Marketplace. In the video, someone hooks up a Zune as the game continues.


So I’m thinking two things:

  1. Obviously Zune integration – More Zune integration. You can plug your Zune in to your Xbox anyways, but since the game accepts Zune as an extension for music, that makes the Zune (or actually any PMP with DRM-free music) and integral part of the game. Neat to incorporate another product into a game.
  2. Lyrics support for Zune? – Since the game can read any DRM-free music, and retrieve lyrics, doesn’t that mean the Zune could support scrolling lyrics anytime soon? Or already had them hidden when bought? I’d love to see scrolling lyrics come for the Zune. It’d make the music experience even greater.

I’m also wondering if the next Zune product is going to get a new interface that’s similar to the interface for the Xbox. The new Xbox interface could work great on a touchscreen PMP, right? You could slide your fingers across the list, and the panels or album art could come flowing through. If it’s multi-touch, of course. And having similar interfaces would make the two a companion, kind of. Just a thought.



One thought on “Xbox Lips – Microsoft integrating the Xbox and Zune closer together?

  1. Yeah, that interface would be lush on a Zune. I quite like the Zune interface right now but as with everything it gets boring as familiarity increases – making it look like XBox would make a lot of sense. Top idea Michael.

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