How to Upload files to Windows Live SkyDrive

Ok, this is my first Windows Live Clubhouse community post. I don’t usually do guides, but I’ll give it a shot. Ok, so here’s a step-by-step guide on how to upload files to SkyDrive.

I’ll be honest, and say this is my first time with SkyDrive, so I’m posting everything as it is. Here we go:

1. Go to and sign-in with your Windows Live ID.


So enter in the SkyDrive URL into your browser’s address bar or press the hyperlink. Sign-in with your Windows Live ID. If you don’t have one, get one here : . Now you’re in the SkyDrive dashboard where you can quickly access your files, or take a look at your friend’s SkyDrive files you have access to.

2. Choose where to add files – Here’s the part where you can add files. You have 3 choices of where you can upload a file to : Personal folders, Shared folders, or Public folders. Personal is for your eyes only, Shared is for you and your contacts with Live ID’s, and Public is for anyone who comes across your SkyDrive. In this scenario, I’m going to add a file to my public folders. Just click   right at the end of which type of folders you want to upload to. Then you pick which folder in within that type you’re interested in adding on to. Or make a new folder.


3. Pick files to upload – Ok, so this is the step where you pick the file or files to upload.


Purple underline – is the upload tool. You can install this onto your desktop, and anytime your want to upload files, you can just use this tool to drag-n’-drop onto SkyDrive. But I’m not going to show this one, in the scenario.

Red circle – You can just simply click on Browse… and open up a mini Windows Explorer, and find files there. That’s what I’m gonna do.


So you find a file, and select it. Click ‘Open’ to confirm it. You can upload 4 more files, in the other slots below the first one. You can’t upload anything bigger than 50MB. Then select   when you’re ready.

4. A little waiting… – So now it’s going to upload the file. There’s a little splash ball you can play with your cursor, while the time passes. Or you can do something else on the computer, as long as you don’t close the page. Though I wish they would do something different besides a beach ball every time, and maybe make the box bigger.


5. You’re done! – When it’s done uploading, that’s it. There’s your file. It didn’t take long for me, with uploading one song and having a high-speed connection.


So there’s a toolbar of options for this particular folder you uploaded to, or you can click on the file itself, and mess around with the options for the file.


Your friends or other people you allow can access the file and take a look at it. They can also drop a comment for that file on it’s page in SkyDrive. Neat, huh? You can access these files you upload anywhere with an internet browser, and view them. You can even embed them on a webpage. Click  and choose what display icon you want it to appear. Here’s my embedded file that I walked you through:


Well I hope I helped make SkyDrive easier to understand, if you’re new to it. If I did a video demo, it probably shouldn’t have taken longer than 3 minutes from sign-in to file uploaded. It’s a really wonderful service from Microsoft, which I hope they’ll continually improve on. Keep in mind that currently, there’s a 5GB limit for your SkyDrive. There’s rumors that Microsoft might have a subscription option to purchase more storage space or get unlimited storage. Now that would rock.

So SkyDrive is a great and easy way to upload files onto the web, where you and people you allow can access these files with just an internet browser. Plus it’s free.

UPDATE: People have been questioning where the upload tool is. I think it’s only available if you’re using Internet Explorer. The link won’t show up if you’re using another browser. The tool uses ActiveX. Here’s a video of how a guy obtained it:


24 thoughts on “How to Upload files to Windows Live SkyDrive

  1. Pretty cool! I didn\’t feel interested in putting files onto SkyDrive until now. I guess it really is useful. That guide makes it look so easy. Great work!

  2. Great post, Quikboy.  Thanks for sharing this with everyone.  Adding all the window illustrations really helps show how easy this is.
    – Marcus

  3. Nice work on this.  I have been using it for a while and I like it so far.  In regard to the little waiting game, I would LOVE to see a little mini Halo level to blast away on. Yup Me and Master Chief, getting our upload on, and protecting the universe!  Oh and you cannot die until your upload finishes.

  4. I also have been using Skydrive for a few months and LOVE it!  I installed the "upload tool" and it really makes uploading multiple files quick and easy.  I too look forward to additional storage options.

  5. Skydrive is Great, and that was a Great Tutorial, but as I found out the photo
    of file upload tool, when downloaded, did not function properly, but no problem
    I just used the regular upload, and it works great so, It\’s all good,, ha,, Thanks
    to MSN for the storage space I needed badly,,, Have a Great day,,,,

  6. yeah , That was ok, but I need to know where to get the "Windows Live SkyDrive Upload Tool" I understand with this tool you can drag and drop files into the skydrive.  Another ? I have using spaces with skydive. for the past 2 years i have used Aol hometown to store my files, Well their going bye bye, so now I want to link directly to an mp3 file to play in windows media player gadget on  the link skydrive gives will not play in this spaces media player.  any Ideas ? Anyone? 
      (( direct link to mp3 files on skydrive ))  

  7. good morning sur
    thanks for the explication , when i push get started it told me , not supported in your country , what chould i do i realy need this option .
    thank you

  8. @Eyadodado: I\’m afraid that means Windows Live just isn\’t support in Algeria yet. I think you could apply for a new account that has support for SkyDrive (like France), and maybe you could access SkyDrive there. You also might have to make your browser region different.
    Maybe you can write an e-mail to the Windows Live team asking for support for Algeria. I know, it hurts not to have your country supported for an "international" service.

  9. Yeah so where is the upload tool? Or is this something that doesn\’t work on anything but vista?I use Firefox and a extension called IE TAB – it allows the drag and drop the IE has.

  10. I was able to install and use the photo upload tool until just recently, and now I try to install it and get an error message: The system cannot open the device or file specified. This happens whether I run the install file online or from a saved C drive location. Any suggestions?

  11. skydrive is almost entireless useless with a 50 megabyte per file cap!! 25gigs is a storage-tease at best. Why not offer 25 terabytes?

  12. firefox has an extension that will work: dragdropupload I\’ve been using it for years through various versions of firefox. Only firefox sports and a whole HOST of brilliant adblocking- and adhiding tools. IE8 falls waaaaaaaaaay short of the barely sufficient mark. Even Iron Chromium has better adblocking options than IE8

  13. @Time Warner Cable: 25 TB? Are you kidding me? I hardly know anyone that needs 1TB, much less 25. IE8 doesn\’t have any ad-blocking options, so I don\’t see how anything can be \’better\’ than it. I do have an AdBlock add-on for IE8 that works exceptionally fine.

  14. I get the error/status message "This video has been removed by the user." when attempting to view the embedded clip.My first impression is that it\’s better to use IE than Firefox, specifically for Skydrive operations. With Firefox, you\’re limited to uploading 4 files at a time, whereas with IE you\’re able to use both a drag and drop and an Explorer dialog to upload files.

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