How would you rebrand Live Search? Kumo, Bing, or Hook?

I thought this was rather amusing. Mary Jo Foley posted an article on how Microsoft’s going for a new name brand on Live Search. Some of the choices the Live Search team are testing around is Kumo, Bing, and Hook. Kumo is Japanese for ‘cloud’ or ‘spider’ depending on what Kanji characters are used. Bing ( is currently the name of an Australian mail-automation company. Hook ( is a dating site.


If you ask me, all three of them sound dumb. I’ve never been fond for Japanese names, Hook sounds like a XXX porn thing, and Bing is too easy to make fun of. BING!!!

Personally, I think Live Search is fine as it is, and changing what most people are already familiar with could be disastrous. But if I had to, here would be some of my options:

  • iSearch ( – Internet Search, get it? iSearch this. iSearch that. Quick and easy to say. I could imagine this as a cool AJAXy site, with a Tafiti-like layout. And no, Apple is not the only company that should be allowed to use the ‘i’ prefix moniker to all their products.
  • Super Search ( – Super search. Super Search gives super results. It’s user generated, where people can fix up the results to make it more relevant.
  • LookUp Search ( – You know another synonym for googling is to "look up something". So there’s Look Up search!

Well, they were the best I could come up with. But maybe keeping Live Search brand is better than making a whole new brand and having that fail worse, and taking a long time to catch up to consumers. Well, unless the new branded Live Search improves drastically with more feature and relevancy, but that’s really unlikely.


4 thoughts on “How would you rebrand Live Search? Kumo, Bing, or Hook?

  1. Hmmm,
    Maybe "Celestial Quest" now there is one that would catch the eyes of everyone….lol!
    Who knows that Microsoft will come up with next but I am sure it will be interesting!
    Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend!

  2. @Greg : Celestial Quest – Very funny. :^D. I doubt Microsoft\’s is going to make deep dives into spritual stuff anytime soon. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I like kumo. It has that all important feature – it can be a verb. "go and kumo it".
    iSearch – no. They\’ll get accused of copying Apple. Again.
    SuperSearch/LookupSearch – No, they are not names. Its like Ford bringing out a new car called "great driving auto"

  4. Kumo is pretty fine I guess. Like Jamie said, those would be either copying Apple (even though I agree, Apple doesn\’t own the "i" everywhere ; iHome, iLike, etc.) and LookUp and Super Search are too gimmicky for most people. (Though I personally like those).

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