5 of the most shortest lived Windows Live marketing and products

I thought I should point out some old Spaces from the Windows Live Team that are still amazingly existing, that barely had any posts, hasn’t been updating for so long (more than a year in some cases!), and how neglectful and spam-ridden they are.

1. Muse – Do you remember Muse? That girl character that the Windows Live team created to promote blogging on Live Spaces? Well she died more than a year ago. Thanks to this fairly recent blog post I just saw, I got a quick remind of this girl. Does she remind you of Waldo? You know, from Where’s Waldo? ? She still exists in Live Messenger (WLM) though. You can even create a blog entry in a Messenger window. Add musebot@live.com in WLM. Here’s her short two-post blog.


2. Windows Live Messenger Phone – It was a phone that could do Windows Live Messenger, and regular phone calling. Two unit provider, Uniden and Phllips made them. Verizon was the carrier. The concept never took off. Why? It’s probably because home phones are just for calling. Not IMing, or even messing around instant messaging. There’s a reason why home phones are pretty much plain devices. They’re just not meant to be. I remember a splash page featured on MSN that was all about the phone for Verizon. It’s gone now, as far as I can figure. I’m not exactly sure, but I think Uniden still sells them. Or their site hasn’t been updated. Check it out here and here. I really like the background, btw. 1-post blog.


3. Windows Live Barcode – The whole concept sounds ridiculous to me, and I’m guessing it’s dead. Since the links don’t work anymore. Sharing information on a barcode chip? Why not just get an internet-accessible device? It’s suppose to be designed for Windows Mobile, where things like business card contacts can have a barcode that can be scanned onto the phone, where information like address, phone numbers, URL’s, news, and such can get transferred onto. I’d think it just be easier to give them a real contact card, or get an e-mail, and send a message. Wikipedia article.


4. Windows Live Shopping – It was actually pretty interesting. It had stuff like sharing list with users, drag an drop items to a car,as it had stuff like guides you could make, or . It didn’t last long either. MSN Shopping fills this void, but it’s worse.


5. Windows Live WiFi Center – It didn’t even live. It just went on to become MSN WiFi Hotspots, which eventually died half a year later. Compared to other services like Jiwire, Microsoft really had nothing much better to offer. I don’t see what’s the point of creating a mediocre service, when everyone wants the best there is. Or something uniquely good.


It’s kinda interesting to reflect back on failures, and see why they failed. I’ll post some more posts for the Clubhouse soon.


10 thoughts on “5 of the most shortest lived Windows Live marketing and products

  1. I\’d personally like to see a venue justly titled "SPACES HALL of SHAME."  The hackers, malice mongers, gossips and apathetic need their just reward.  Then again, that would just open another can of worms we don\’t need.  Besides, I might just find my space at the top of the list!! 
    Enjoyed this post.  Over my head, but never too old to learn.

  2. Muse? I only tried spaces late last year, so I don\’t remember this one. I always thought barcode was awesome though. If there was a ton of information to remember, you snap a picture of a barcode and Live Barcode turns it all into text and stuff. The other ones only failed because they don\’t update them. MS makes them, and lets them die, kind of like Live Favorites. So the current custom background Live Search homepage is supposed to have hotspots. Well, now they obviously don\’t even add those, and they\’re just rotating images now (boring). Hopefully, Wave 3 will remedy the problem though.

  3. As with anything Microsoft creates, it is all about trial and error and keeping pace with the times and what is hot and in demand!  Viral Marketing I would say has been the result of things disappearing and new ones coming into play!
    I knew of a lot of these as I was a participant in some of them, however, things take a new turn and I go along with them in order to stay as updated on the newest technologies and advancements released!  Thanks for sharing this incredible post with everyone!
    Be blessed

  4. Actually, a majority of those service\’s have either been integrated into other service\’s or abandoned completely. Messenger phone is available in Windows Live Messenger now I believe, Windows Live Shopping is called Cashback now.

  5. @J W Leigh : Yeah, there are a lot of awful Spacers out there. But I think it\’s just better if we could easily report them, and ban them off the site. I don\’t really much care to dwell on idiots.
    @crestind : That\’s a big issue: Microsoft is too slow sometimes. Especially updating a service. I hope they can remedy this in Wave 3
    @Politically Incorrect : I\’m not saying these are necessarily bad. It\’s just that I wish Microsoft could keep with something. Instead of making and killing stuff so fast. Even if it\’s sort of like a little research to see how users go with it, they might as well say it clearly like that. I mean, can you trust a company that always pulls down a service so fast, because they just didn\’t feel like updating?
    @Mehar : Um, Messenger phone is an actual phone that services WLM. And Live Shopping is just simply MSN Shopping. Cashback is a way to get rebates.

  6. I really wanted to buy a Live Messenger handset too.  My dad just can\’t type well at all so he hates to use Messenger, but he loves to use the audio or video call all the time.  The handset would have been SO good for him!  I hope MS brings it back some time.

  7. UPDATE to my previous comment:  My Dad bought a Windows Live Messenger phone the other day plugged it in, no configuration and it works flawlessly.  And the calls are extremely clear!  Now I want to get one myself!  They\’re cheap nowadays, since everyone has forgotten about this little treasure.

  8. @Chris : Good to hear. The WLM phones are good from what you say, but Microsoft really doesn\’t seem to be pushing it much anymore. I really hope for new handset models since it\’s still around.

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