Awesome Tech – Using Photographs to Enhance Videos

Some researchers of the GRAIL (Graphics and Imaging Laboratory) at the University of Washington, have made a pretty neat software that can take elements of digital photography, and embed those elements right into a video. In a way that’s super easy, and doesn’t require so much manual labor for the user.

For instance, you can do these things with photos of the same location where the video took place, as highlighted in the video:

  • Replacing points of a location in a video, with high-res quality photographs
  • Editing something in a single frame, and self-applies throughout the rest of the scene
  • HDR video, where the camera can’t capture it
  • Stabilize typical video-shaking, by using view interpolation
  • Adding simple effects to photographs shown in picture frames in a video (black and white, reflection removal,…)
  • Adding photo effects to videos (now it’s video effects!)
  • Object removal (like a big ugly parking sign!

They use something called "Spacetime fusion" to make a seamless video stream, so you don’t notice the parts of the video that got fixed. It’s absolutely amazing. It’s pretty much everything an amateur video-maker would love.

The only limitation they noted, was that these fixes only works on videos with "static scenes" (i.e., videos shot with a moving camera but containing no moving objects in the scene). But they’re going to try working on fixing this limitation.

This seems like wonderful work. I really hope to see it come out soon. I’d even pay for it, if it’s really as easy to fix the videos as they claim. Which makes me wonder, how’s Microsoft doing on the upcoming Windows Live Movie Maker? Considering that both University of Washington and Microsoft HQ are both in Washington state, in or near Seattle, I wonder if Microsoft has some connections with UW. Connections enough to bring school research, into an actual product for the masses. Because that’d make WLMM (whatever it’ll be called) into a really awesome video-editing software if they include these video-fixing features, along with your typical necessities for video-editing. A real game changer for MS if it’s free, and works great.

Whatever way it comes out, I’d love to see the features in this video, in a real video-editing software sometime soon.

Here’s a link to the research page.


One thought on “Awesome Tech – Using Photographs to Enhance Videos

    This software is one of the most intriguing you\’ve featured here; I\’d like to find out more about it.
    In time, I\’d like to try editing some educational videos and GRAIL would be an excellent tool.
    Bet it\’s going to be spendy as heck, though…
    I hope you\’re enjoying what\’s left of the weekend!
    Take care,

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