Photosynth is LIVE and ready to use! Try it now!

Yes! Photosynth has finally been released! You can go to and download it for free. It will install a web-browser plug-in, and an application for creating them.


The download took me less than a minute. It was a breeze. I’m checking out the Taj Mahal synth.


It’s pretty good. The controls are different though:


                                                          OLD                                                     NEW

The difference? Well the e-mail a view is new on the side of the Photosynth viewer, the camera points shower is removed, the fly-around is also gone, and is now replaced with a more slideshow control, and a choice to go to the next 3D group. I like the old controls better :^(

Some other new options is the report link (to report bad photos), embed, full browser screen, and some synths have an optional web/world logo that links to a Virtual Earth map showing where the synth comes from. You should also check out the Great Pyramid and Sphinx synth. Truly remarkable.


You might notice that ring right there. You can click on it, and drag it to get a full 3D pan of that point right there. Not sure what the green area is though.  Here’s an embed:


As for the software application, I’m not really going to try it out. I don’t have enough data of my own to create a synth just yet. I might make one of my high school though. Which I’ll post later, if I do. Here’s the start prompt after you sign-in with your Windows Live ID:


It appears you can only have 20GB worth of data at the moment. Which sounds pretty sweet, considering a free account on Flickr is only 200 photos you can upload. Which makes me wonder, will there be a Flickr and Photosynth integration anytime soon? Yahoo! and Microsoft are competing companies, but things like Y! and WLM users being able to chat with each other, makes me wonder.

So check it out yourself and go to It’s free, but you’ll need IE7+ or Firefox 2 or Firefox 3. Sorry Opera and Safari users.


2 thoughts on “Photosynth is LIVE and ready to use! Try it now!

    Thanks for the heads-up, Quickboy!
    Photosynth sounds really intriguing, but I\’ve become paranoid in recent months regarding anything "free", including downloads– particularly downloads from Microsoft. I\’ve found that MSN has a penchant for constantly downloading automatic "updates" to my computer and I have major problems with that; the practice, I think, is arrogant and intrusive. I have to wonder if Photosynth will be subject to such "updates".
    What\’s your take on this? I am interested in your opinion.

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