Running the Vista Upgrade Advisor

I don’t plan at all on upgrading my computer to Windows Vista, but I’m going to see what the Vista Upgrade Advisor says. Why not? Well because I really have doubts that this Dell desktop of mine will do the job in a smooth AERO way, and I’ve heard that it’s just more easier to get Windows Vista with a new computer instead. Also, Windows XP is still good enough for me.

So here I go. Vista I installed it, and it didn’t take long. Roughly a minute or less. Than I launched it up.


Now it’s scanning. While it’s scanning, I can check out the many different versions (aka SKU’s) of Windows Vista. If I wanted Windows Vista, I’m only either getting Home Premium or Ultimate. I want Windows Media Center, AERO, or have all the benefits of the best one. Personally though, I think Vista should just come in 2 forms : Home and Business.


And after it finished scanning, I went to next, and it said my computer was good enough for Home Premium. Not bad.


There’s only 6 programs that might have issues:

  1. Roxio MyDVD LE
  2. MSN Explorer
  3. Messenger
  4. Citrix ICA Client
  5. Dell CinePlayer
  6. ATI Desktop Component

All 6 programs are programs I never/rarely used. That’s good. Something called SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC didn’t have compatibility data from Microsoft though. But the other devices worked. Just press the arrow for more info on what does/doesn’t work.

Some other info: I have 1.00 GB of RAM (2GB is what I’ve heard qualifies a great Vista experience). Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz. Also, my video card should be able to handle AERO and my computer can record DVD’s.

I still don’t plan on upgrading to Windows Vista, since I’m fine with Windows XP, and I want a more optimal computer to handle the OS. Have you tried the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor? Good computer or no? Did you upgrade or buy Vista preinstalled? Share me your thoughts.


One thought on “Running the Vista Upgrade Advisor

  1. Haha I like the random stock photo of the woman in the desert vista… Vista is alright, but it\’s a bit jumpy and slow at times. But the aero won me over, along with the better security.

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