Anyone find the search box in Spaces as rather useless?

To me, the search box on the Windows Live header bar in Spaces is very useless.


How so? Well…

  • Little integration with your ID and Spaces – Like my Spaces friends don’t automatically come up in the results, I can’t search for my SkyDrive files, can’t search for ‘gadget’ modules for Spaces, individual photos, events, etc. None of the important stuff that directly matters to me is included in the results.
  • No nice Instant results as you type – This ties in with the first bullet. I love how in Facebook, as your start typing into the search box, your friends automatically start popping up as you type, or maybe an application, network, or whatever. Instant results appearing as you type. I mean if Microsoft has to look anywhere at how to do it correct, Facebook does a great job of utilizing the search box.
  • Results as of now are just dumb – The separate verticals are People, Spaces, and Blog Entries. Ok, so aren’t People and Spaces exactly the same? I mean People do have a Live Space, right? Or what does it mean? People can give their Space a title, but it’s still the same person. So they should belong together, instead of apart. As for blog entries, well I’m guessing it only shows results from Spaces with public view, but I searched a few of my own post, and some are there, and some aren’t. Really weak feature. You know what it needs? It needs to be able to search for people by location, age group, school, name, and all that, as well as look up gadgets, Windows Live Events, SkyDrive files, Photos from peoples’ Spaces, and a bazillion other things. That’s the only way it’d be useful.

Well that’s the gist of it. If you use Live Spaces, you know what I’m talking about. I practically never use the search box, because it’s capabilities are at the bottom of the barrel.

Oh, and here’s a picture of 3 exactly redundant results:


What’s up with that? And if I last remembered correctly, those 3 excerpts are from a blog entry. Shouldn’t they be placed in the blog entry section? What exactly does People, Spaces, and Blog entries mean to the Spaces team?

This is just one of the other areas of Windows Live Spaces that makes me look and shake my head. How do you feel about the Spaces search box?


2 thoughts on “Anyone find the search box in Spaces as rather useless?

  1. Quickboy,This is one of the reason\’s that I feel Microsoft was launching a major campaign to try and acquire Yahoo.  Seeing their search engine rendering procedures is by far greater than those of what "Live Search" is able to render or even MSN.  Although, when I provide links to say searches from google, yahoo or any other search engine I always end up getting feedback about why I don\’t use "Live Search".  Simple…..because it usually does not produce the search results that closest to the relevancy of my search as using the Big Boys of the search engine game.Thanks for sharing this and have a wonderful and blessed week my friend!Greg

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