MSNBC has an excellent Hurricane Tracker on their site

Right now, Hurricane Ike is bearing it’s way towards my hometown, Houston, and it’s nice to have something like MSNBC’s Hurricane Tracker while I’m still online.


I really love the way it’s designed. It uses a grayscale Virtual Earth map (which really looks awesome!), and there’s many detailed colored spots showing it’s position and it’s storm category at the time. There’s a nice graphical histogram of the hurricane’s status on the left side, and you can hover over portions of it, and it’s position on the map pops out. Just beautiful. I wish Live Maps had a grayscale view option, because I think it really rocks!

The map legend is great, and MSNBC really paid attention to the detail. I really like it. There isn’t even any notable advertising in the way, until you scroll down out of the Hurricane Tracker, and it’s only then you notice you’re on a typical(ugly) MSNBC page. MSNBC’s Hurricane Tracker for 2008 is great. I hope they design it the same next year.

The MSNBC Hurricane Tracker is designed by stamen design, who’s noted for making great data maps using Virtual Earth.


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