Live Labs releases Color Picker Sidebar Gadget

Seems that Live Labs released another neat thing called the Color Picker Sidebar Gadget. The purpose of the gadget is to enable users to pick color codes from different range of color palettes. It’s really made for designers and web developers who usually have to use same color codes for their projects across different design and development tools. There’s an option to search different color palettes from the web with the COLOURlovers API. The gadget was designed by Jeff Weir.


Here’s a direct quote, "Many different programs use RGB color hex codes. While some programs have color management, sometimes you’ll need to use a palette across many programs like Expression Blend, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML/CSS, and Flash. This handy sidebar gadget keeps your palettes at your fingertips, letting you quickly sample each hex code to your clipboard, so you can easily use your colors across all applications."

So if you’re a designer or a web developer, go ahead and download this nifty tool from Windows Live Gallery. NOTE : Some people who have reviewed the application point that it doesn’t work with 64-bit Vista (though one claimed it did work) and there might be Flash issues.

I just really love the gadget’s circular colors icon.


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