Sorry for the lack of updates – Hurricane Ike took away 2 weeks of power

Well Hurricane Ike came and went almost exactly two weeks ago, and I only got electricity yesterday night. What makes me angry is that my area of Houston, didn’t suffer extensive damage, and most people were already getting power within a week after the storm. It took almost exactly two weeks for me! CenterPoint had this mission where they’re trying to "restore power to the most people they can". Which means of course fixing the main energy plant, the substations, and then the power feed lines. Broken transformers come long after in the process, which my section of the subdivision was experiencing. Broken transformers affect usually 100-300 customers, and it’s not a lot compared to the thousands out there.

Even though there are other parts of Houston where it’s much harder hit, my area didn’t have too many tall trees or extensive physical damage. So the trucks and crews should have responded faster. They didn’t. First they promised Monday, then Thursday, and I only got it on Friday night. ARGH.

I also felt angry being one of the last people at school to get my power. I suffered a lot of emotional distress, anxiety, and now I even lost a camera and my Zune player because of all this!

Anyway, I’ll try to get my posts updated, and eventually delete this one. Glad to be back.


2 thoughts on “Sorry for the lack of updates – Hurricane Ike took away 2 weeks of power

  1. I feel you pain.  We fortunately got power Monday night but we spent a week looking all lights and power only 2 blocks away and felt that every day we had a new chance of getting power but it never seemed to come.

  2. I understand as well. It really sucks not having power, while you\’re neighbors and friends do. Hopefully we\’ll see more posts!

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