Virtual Earth gets a 6.2 update

Virtual Earth got a nice update, codename Helios, and I’ll just skim over a few of the interesting parts of the update.

New features include:

  • Multi-way point – Adding multiple stops in your driving directions
  • Route based on traffic info. (ClearFlow) – Now there’s an option to use Microsoft’s ClearFlow technology to make directions instantly based on the traffic along the route.
  • Landmark-based routing – For instance, instead of just saying "Turn left on Seymour Dr.", a direction could say "Turn left by the Wendy’s". Much more useful if you’re driving and you can spot places well.
  • 3D Weather – If you are in 3D mode, you’ll be able to see things like the clouds based on the weather (with lots of cloud forms). Here’s a YouTube video of how natural-looking it is.
  • New near-matching capabilities. Using near-matching capabilities, customers can find locations using alternate and similar spellings, resulting in a more relevant search experience.
  • Among a bunch of other data, imagery, geocoding updates and new mobile support

Find more details about the 6.2 update on the Virtual Earth For Public Sector blog.


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