What ever happened to the Live Spaces team?

With new Windows Live Wave 3 betas going on, what ever happened to the Spaces team?

How long has it been since an update? Heck, as shown by this photo, they don’t even update the Community page often. These four Spaces that are showcased, have been there for over half a year already. I remember, because one of my friends owns one of those Spaces, and complains how her Spaces has attracted spammers, a bazillion nasty friend invites, etc. So how hard is it to update a Community page?

I’m also alarmed that there hasn’t even been minor updates, just promises there will be something new. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of waiting. More popular social and community sites like Facebook, are constantly updated from minor to major things, instead of one long-waited update. It’s no wonder Spaces isn’t the most popular sites out there, because there’s not enough great features, or updates to prove that.

Really, Live Spaces is boring the heck out of me. That’s one of the reasons Microsoft’s never going to gain a lot of active users; they’re just so slow at producing what people want.

All I’m saying is that the new update for Spaces better be worth the long wait. I don’t want just a refreshed UI and layout. I want a better search box, more social features, more integration, and a heck of a lot more things. Like I said before, the only use people will give Spaces is just an amateur blogging site, and a place to store stuff on SkyDrive. Otherwise, it’s dead in every other aspect.

Come on Spaces team. You can obviously do better, than this crud. Whatever this update is, it better be worth being excited for, and Spaces better be updated more often.


3 thoughts on “What ever happened to the Live Spaces team?

  1. Yeah, it’s funny because I want to disagree because I have dumped so much effort into Spaces, but you are right, as of this point spaces is very armature.  People like face book are doing much more interesting things at this point.  Hopefully there will be something new and soon, there is so much potential, I mean the zune stuff is pretty neat and I love the integration of messenger and al the live products but it’s a struggle to customize the space and who really is on it other than MS employees and MS fanatics, people really aren’t interested in it

  2. Don\’t know if you\’re in the limited beta or not, but the Live Services online are changing and becoming more profile-centric a-la Facebook, and moving even further away from Live Spaces as your personal page. very bad move in my opinion. The changes coming are pretty big….it will be interesting, or sad, to see how some of this shakes up.

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