WLM 9.0 – Now with the ability to record any text conversations!

I just noticed this as I was exiting one of my chats:

Isn’t that awesome? Even though it won’t accept handwritten or images in the convo, and there’s no web storing, it’s at least covers the basic. I just wish there was a button for all conversation for windows, for record this chat. As in, only that chat. Most of my conversations are menial, and I only care about saving important chats, so a Record button in each window would be great.

I also noticed this during my group chat:

This only seems to work under group chats, strangely. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds similar to saving text chats. Have you noticed anything new and cool with Messenger?

EDIT : Sorry, according to Jamie and Technogran, this feature has already been available from the start. I just didn’t get this pop-up window until now. Anyway, a new feature is a feature.

4 thoughts on “WLM 9.0 – Now with the ability to record any text conversations!

  1. @Jamie and Tchnogran : Oh, I didn\’t realize that. It only just occurred to me when that window showed up. Oh well, I guess I\’ll just fix this post up.

  2. What\’s even better is when you store the folder that stores all your conversations on Mesh. That way all of your conversations can live on all of your machines (if you have more than one) and you always have those conversations available to you. Forever.

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