Annoying part of comments in Windows Live Spaces

I sometimes check out my friends blogs, and read what they have to say. Sometimes I take a bit of a long time typing them, because I might want to reference something, or I’m just too busy. Well, an error has come up on many occasions where after writing a comment for a long period of time, I get a message that says: The server has encountered an error. Please try again.

It always happens like that. Take too long, and there’s a server issue. Isn’t that quite frustrating?

With a bunch of updates rolling out for Windows Live items, I can’t wait to check out what the new Windows Live Spaces (or Profiles, as it might be called). But Live Spaces is bugging me, with not having more frequent update, you’d come to expect other sites to do. I can only hope that Live Spaces will be saved.

7 thoughts on “Annoying part of comments in Windows Live Spaces

  1. I\’ve run into this a lot of times too. The solution I use is, right before I\’m going to post the comment, I copy to the clipboard what I wrote. Then hit the post button. If it errors out like this, you can reload the page, paste your comment back in, hit post again.

  2. I find this happens too! Sigh, when will they fix this??
    It\’s so annoying, I thought I was the only one experiencing this.

  3. Hey, thanks for the comments guys.
    @Chris: I do that too. Well actually, I see the red error prompt, and just copy, refresh, and paste, and post. Pretty inconvenient. But the other day really ticked me off! I highlighted most of my comment, and I accidentally pressed "Cut" instead of Copy. I couldn\’t get the Undo thing to work, so I wrote this post to see what you guys had to say.
    @Jamie : I hope so.
    Thanks for the feedback everybody!

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