MS-Links for Friday – 10/14/08

Every Friday, (I’ll try to do every) I’ll pull out some good Microsoft-related URL’s I found interesting. I’ll give the article title, the hyperlink, and a brief description of what made it interesting to me. So here’s today’s links:


5 thoughts on “MS-Links for Friday – 10/14/08

  1. Interesting video! I loved CommonCraft! They did a great job with describing how we vote for our president. Wonderful job with describing Windows Live too.

  2. Wow, this movie is exactly like the one explaining Google Docs lol… Complete with hands dragging around paper figures. But Wave 3 is shaping up pretty well.

  3. Thanks for dropping by, your comment, and accepting the friend invite.  Despite my comments about Vista, I think it is mainly corporate environments that are unwilling to adopt it.  Most individuals I know that have bought a PC designed for Vista and with it pre-installed have had little or no trouble, other than adapting to a new user interface.  Those that have tried to update, however, have encountered far more problems.  My excuse?  I\’m an old codger and don\’t want to learn an OS that will be replaced before I figure it out.  That\’s my story and I\’m stickin\’ to it.Peace, Doc

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