10 Live Spaces tips

I’ve been digging around Live Spaces for a long time and I’ve discovered some nifty things that you just might be interested:

1. How to center the title and Space description – Sign in to Spaces, go to your Spaces site > click ‘Edit’ on your title module > Under both Title Setting AND Tagline Setting, look for Alignment and select Center. You can also change the colors, fonts, size and stuff right here.

2. Delete comments right from the Recent Comment section – Now you can easily delete comments from your Space (especially those nasty spam ones). Just go to Spaces.live.com > Sign-in if you haven’t > Click Recent comments > select Delete under a comment you wish to remove > Click OK to confirm.

3. Poll gadget – Wish to make a poll to see what visitors to your Space think? There’s a pretty bare bones Poll gadget available on Windows Live Gallery. You can have up to 7 poll options, you can change the color scheme of the module, and you can choose if it’s IP-based results (per computer) or cookie based (per browser). There’s pretty much all there is. It’s pretty basic. I’d like a ton of more things, but it’s not coming anytime soon. It can get hard to see the # of results per selection though.

4. Make lists – Making lists can help keep you organized. You can create a list of your favorites sites, music, people you like, books, etc. and you can share them with your friends (or keep them private if your Space is viewable only to you). Just sign in to http://spaces.live.com/ and click Create a List:

Now just start creating your list:

5. Set up a special web URL – You can give your Space a bit of a special web URL, like ilovepies.spaces.live.com where “ilovepies” can be replaced by something you want in the domain. Here’s how you do it: Sign-in to spaces.live.com > View your Space > Options (right-hand corner) > More options > Web Address. Type what you want the beginning portion of the URL to be, and check to see if it’s available.

As you see, the web address is available. (Personally, I wish it were a green bar so it’d be noticeable)

Example of a web address already used. Suggestion come up based on your name and what you typed.

6. Change the amount of blog entries shown on your main Space page – Want more posts to be shown? Here’s how: Sign-in to spaces.live.com > View your Space > Options > Blog > Number of blog entries > choose between 5-25.

7. Check your web traffic – Spaces includes a rudimentary “Statistics” on site visitors. From your Spaces page, go to Options > Statistics, and you can see how many hits you got, and where they came from.

8. Templates – Templates are useful if you want Spaces to serve a particular purpose, whether it’s photo-sharing, blogging, socializing, etc. and there are some nice built-in templates that might help you. Go to Customize > Templates and see what templates you might be interested in.

9. Windows Live Writer – This is a neat desktop software where you can type your blog posts, while having more flexibility and even some plug-ins to use. Writer works very well with Spaces. Download it here.

10. Pick who can view your Space – You might want everybody, only your friends, or only yourself to view your Space. You can select this setting by going to your Space > Options > Permissions > Select who you will allow to view.

Hope these tips were helpful. If there’s anything wrong, please add a comment.


5 thoughts on “10 Live Spaces tips

  1. Thanks Michael, great information, I have just used a few myself. There is also a Vista Sidebar Gadget I have (I will have to let you know later where I found it) that lets you blog on Live spaces from the desktop with just a click using Live Writer. It is small but works great. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you and I\’m getting a screenshot of this right away. Of course by the time I have my handbook put together everything will have changed again, but one must keep the aging brain engaged. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.Peace, Doc

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