Windows Live Survey #1

I’m going to give a survey. I’d like to hear what you think about the development of Windows Live, MSN, and Live Search. So if you have the time, fill it out in the comments! (This is NOT an official Microsoft survey or anything like that)

1. How do you feel about Wave 3?

2. Do you like how Wave 3 removed almost all the icons on the commands (such as Hotmail, Messenger conversations, etc.)?

3. Do you find that Hotmail blocks spam and junk mail very efficiently?

4. Do you think Windows Live needs a rebrand? If so, would Kumo be a good replacement?

5. Do you mind the MSN Headlines showing up on your Windows Live Home?

6. Name 3 Windows Live services you almost never use.

7. Name 5 things you hope to see in Wave 4.

8. Do you use Live Search? What makes it unique and better than the other search engines? What are its quirks?

9. Do you ever use MSN? If so, what for?

10. Should MSN continue existing? If so, how should it improve? If not, what do you suggest?

I’m just curious as to what people’s perceptions are at the moment. I’ll give my own answers later. So please fill it out. I would love to hear what the readers are thinking.

I met this person, Calvin, who took the time to make an actual web poll survey. Check it out. Thanks Calvin.


6 thoughts on “Windows Live Survey #1

  1. 1. I am impressed with the interaction so far and look forward to future releases.2. Yes 3. yes4. No, I like Live, it fits best5. I don\’t, but it would be nice to make it an option6. at the moment, Movie maker and Live call7. I really would like to see a stand alone rss reader from Live that 1 ups google reader8. yes, I enjoy the changing backgrounds w/highlight points. some searches are off but its getting better.9. yes, My Homepage that I start the day with.10. NO, at least i mean the name itself. the pages themselves are great, games, delish etc even the homepage is nice with the recent changes, but MSN the name should disappear and Microsoft Live should round out the other services. MSN, Live, Hotmail, Live Mail, Outlook, Microsoft is to confusing with to many names, wrap it all up. Live from Microsoft period.

  2. 1. Awesome, could use a few tweaks here and there.2. Slows things down a bit.3. I don\’t get much spam, but it has blocked everything.4. No. Just brand it Windows Live Search.5. Don\’t care for them much, would like to be able tor emove them. 6. Live Alerts, Family Safety, Calendar.7. More customization options, speed.8. No, only for definitions. Poor results in general.9. Nope.10. If it makes some money, then yes.

  3. 1. I\’m in love with WL Wave 32. Yes3. Yes4. No. Only Live Search needs a rebrand5. It\’s OK, but they should provide a option to hide the headlines6. Alerts, Family Safety, Call7. Live Mesh integration!!8. Live Search just sucks9. I never use it10. Yes, Microsoft should stay relevant in the content market. MSN for content (news, videos, games, etc) and Windows Live for services, apps, etc.

  4. 1. I like some of it, but not all. It has taken away the emphasis on users actual Space. 2. This doesn\’t bother me personally.3. So far yes.4. No I like Windows Live.5. Yes. I don\’t use MSN.6. I use all the desktop applications.7. Update to your actual Space, better choice of formatting and size for fonts, more themes, more news providers choice on Home page, User has total control over their home page and what appears there.8. Yes. Doesn\’t always find as many answers, but can be more focused in its search.9. No.10. No. Microsoft should now ditch MSN in all its forms and concentrate only on Live.

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