Office 14 – Any guesses or expectations?

Microsoft’s CES 2009 Keynote gave out information like the direction in heading towards seamless data exchange, Windows 7, more connecting, and a little peak of the future. However, it was bereft of information about Office 14 (the next version after Office 2007), Windows Mobile 6.5/7, and Zune.

We do know that Office 14 will:

  • Have Office Web Application – A lightweight web version of Office where you can view/edit documents (link)
  • OneNote, Visio, and Project will upgrade to the new Ribbon interface
  • An application called Grava that will compete Adobe Authorware, a visual authoring tool for creating rich media application for education

(Grava image by

So do you have any expectation or guesses for what Office 14 will have? Microsoft has been pretty hush-hush about it. There’s not even a beta yet. I’m also surprised they’re releasing a new version so soon. The teams also aren’t mentioning much.


2 thoughts on “Office 14 – Any guesses or expectations?

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  2. No ideas on what it will have, as I haven\’t seen any news on it. However it needs to be faster. The new version of every Microsoft product is dramatically slower than the previous, which is just annoying. Also it needs built in Office Live integration. The addon is just annoying.

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