Songsmith – Accompany your “talented” singing voice with background music

Microsoft has finally released their neat music software that adds some fancy background music to accompany your voice from Microsoft Research. What used to be called MySong, is now called Songsmith (not a cool name in my opinion) for $29.99. You just sing into a mike, and Songsmith records it, and tries to match your voice with certain types of instruments, tempos, and whatnot to whatever you tweak. Here’s a nice corny video:

I’m hoping that video was intentionally corny. I mean it’s just too ridiculous not to be! I’m also hoping that the discreetly covered Apple logo on the Macbook was just a little joke.

Anyone tried it yet? You can sign up for a free trial that works good for recording up to 6 hours. It’s fully functional, but won’t record anymore after 6 hours worth.

What do you think?


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