Great sites to catch up on the 2009 Inauguration

CNN has this neat thing called “The Moment” and people attending the Inauguration could capture the exact moment where he was sworn-in and could upload the files as attachments to CNN’s special Hotmail address for the project. There’s already been photos uploaded.

It’s very fun to explore around, though I was hoping for more photos to dig through.

MSNBC has a neat splash 44th Inauguration splash page, including videos, polls, article links, VE map of the Inauguration, and other extra tidbits. Turns out they also have their own Photosynth thing.

What an exciting day! Too bad I missed seeing it live. I’m surprised the MSNBC site cooked up a website that didn’t break down so easily. also has an Inauguration map of some collections by its users:


3 thoughts on “Great sites to catch up on the 2009 Inauguration

  1. I was lucky (old) enough to watch the inauguration live and saw the photosynth project developing. I think the photos they got immediately were primarily from pros with access to the right equipment. They said they were expecting to get many more pictures to fill in more and more over the next four or five days. I believe it is to be on their website as it progresses.Peace, Doc

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