Where’s “Update Feeds” in Windows Live Mail?

I use Windows Live Mail as my RSS feeder. An RSS feeder, if you don’t know, allows you to see new (or old) posts from your favorite blog or website that come updated every time you check.

Windows Live Mail used to have this feature that allowed me to click “Update Feeds” so I could refresh ALL feeds when I needed to, but I don’t see this button ever since the last version. I’m a bit upset, because I don’t know how to update feeds, without it. Sure, Windows Live Mail automatically looks up for the latest feeds, but it hasn’t done so 2 days in a row, and I’m suspicious it isn’t working. I can’t even update it if I wanted to, since I can’t find the darn button.

As far as I can tell, I can’t update any of my feeds. I could in IE7, but I’d have to do it manually one by one, and I like the way of viewing feeds in Windows Live Mail instead. I don’t know why they removed that button – there’s plenty of space on the toolbar. So I’m left trying to figure this out. Does anyone have any ideas on how to check for new feeds? Is there any other feature of Windows Live Mail that you miss?


9 thoughts on “Where’s “Update Feeds” in Windows Live Mail?

  1. Open the Feeds section up, then right click on "Your Feeds" and select "sync all feeds" from the context menu. F5 also does it. Cntl-F5 syncs EVERYTHING.

  2. Hey , the feature " Update Feeds " is still available but just in different form….. as shown in the image above click on Sync and you get " All Feeds F5 " "Everything Ctrl+F5 "……. Thats it……there you go…..

  3. I see that everyone here have already answered your question for you but as a BIG user of RSS feeds in Windows Live Mail, let my give you another little tip. Set your RSS feeds to update every 15 minutes, then even if they haven\’t updated automatically when you first log into WLM they won\’t be long before they do. Contact me via PM if you want the details of how to set this up.

  4. Ok, I guess I must be that dumb. I noticed sync before, but it was quite evident to me that Everything meant all feeds. I don\’t know why, but "syncing" just didn\’t make sense to me, as I didn\’t think that was the way of updating feeds. Thanks everyone.

  5. I dont use alot of feeds but to get mine updated I click on the feed tab and then right click on "Your Feeds" then I click on "Sync All Feds". I also have my feeds set to update every 15 minuts. Im still kinda new to using the Feeds section. Now I have to figure out how to add additional feeds to it. Hope this helps.

  6. Same problem. I am an experienced pc user, and fairly experienced with feeds… No matter what I do, my feeds will not sync in Live Mail, even manually. Click on sync feeds and the app just stares at you like you\’re a jerk… doesn\’t even try to update. No problems in any other app… any ideas?

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