Is Skybox now My Phone?

Rumors of three new services to debut with Windows Mobile 6.5 are about codename SkyBox, SkyLine, and SkyMarket. A basic rundown of each:

  • SkyBox – automatic backup and restore services, cloud syncing with your contacts, calendars, pictures and the like
  • SkyLine – like SkyBox but is targeted at small businesses. Mobile phone users will be able to set up their smartphones with Microsoft Exchange hosting under their own domain names. Employees who travel will be able to sync their mobile devices directly under their company domain name instead of using a third-party service
  • SkyMarket (now SkyMart) – mobile application store for just Windows Mobile

Someone has found out about My Phone, which seems very similar to what SkyBox is about:

  • Back up and restore your phone’s information to a password-protected web site
  • Access and update your contacts and appointments through your web account
  • Share photos on your phone with family and friends

    Backing up data? Syncing and sharing data? Doesn’t that sound a whole lot like Microsoft’s own SkyDrive/Mesh/Sync? Why not just call it SkyDrive/Mesh/Sync Mobile instead of the uncreative name My Phone?

    Someone on Microsoft’s branding/marketing team is still having a hard time grasping the notion that people may be turned off by something as simple as a name.

    Well I just really hope this service is simple to use, and actually works very well, compared to the likes of MobileMe.

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