Windows Marketplace has left and died

That is, on the desktop website. Windows Marketplace was Microsoft’s ideal site where Windows users could find and discover software, applications, and IE add-ons for their Windows computer. I guess they didn’t do such a hot job, so now it directs visitors to the Microsoft Store, the Windows Vista Compatibility Center and Upgrade Advisor, and a host of other e-commerce sites, and partner sites.

Windows Marketplace wasn’t too bad of a site to find neat stuff for Windows, but it was heavily disorganized. I remembered seeing like percentage points displayed like 3,000% and I had no idea what it meant. The site was too busy looking, and the little Vista-like gloss they added didn’t help. They really needed to simplify it more.

It would be nice if Microsoft had one wonderful central store to download/buy and browse from (think the Microsoft Store + Windows Live Gallery + IE Addons + + Windows Mobile Catalog + etc.) than so many different and diverse sites. Unfortunately, it probably won’t ever be happening.

There will still be Windows Marketplace for Mobile (Windows Mobile) phones though. Strangely enough.


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