Stop sending invites!!!

I don’t know any other website that sends so many frequent invitations to become friends with complete strangers, than Windows Live.


It seems that every time I log in to Messenger, there’s at least ONE (or many!) invitations from users who obviously really don’t know me, and it’s annoying! I get invites frequently from a lot of Chinese people with rough English skills, people who are just SO lonely, they need me to be their friends, people who don’t give a reason, etc. These people need to get a life.

If you want to be my friend, here are some tips:

  • Speak English fluently
  • Comment or correspond somewhat regularly
  • Have an active profile or presence
  • Add me because you have the same interests as I do
  • Give a good reason that’s sent along with the invite (no simple “Hi” or “I need a friend” will do)

I think one good reason why it seems that Profile or Spaces will never be a mainstream thing in America is because of the stupid unsolicited spam that goes through Profiles & Spaces. I don’t ever seem to get such messages often at all on MySpace or Facebook.

I might be lenient an add someone to my profile and not WLM, but I’m worried about the security of my e-mail address. I’ve had tons of Facebook and MySpace requests (not to mention social networks from other nations!) linked to my e-mail (I use a different e-mail address for that), and they must use that feature where it asks if you want to invite everyone in your address book that doesn’t have a profile linked to that e-mail yet. Talk about vexatious.

Does anyone know how I can stop that? Obviously I can’t get rid of myself on someone’s address book, but I don’t want to block e-mails if I can avoid it.

So if you’re interested in adding me, please have courtesy to give a good reason as why I should add you, and keep an active identity.


10 thoughts on “Stop sending invites!!!

  1. Hey Michael – you\’re preaching to the choir! Unfortunately, those requesters are not even in the church! I add some, but put them in a special group that can\’t see my email. I wish Live had a feature like FaceBook that allowed you to block/exclude certain groups from seeing aspects of your profile like your email address. In lieu of that, I have added special groups that you need to belong to in order to see my profile and contact info. You could also tie down invites, notes, PM, etc., but I haven\’t gone that far yet.

  2. Luckily I haven\’t been getting much spam. The way you interviewed me was interesting: by my IM Control on my space. 😛

  3. This happens pretty often. Really strange. I generally accept only if the person has a Live Space.*Delete my bottom comment.

  4. maybe u can keep this passage top,as it cost u so much time ,is it so scary to be invited?i really dont know this before,muhahh,and i feel sorry if i annoyed u.

  5. and i dont use msn usually,bcz its not mainstream here,so maybe thats why there nearly isnt invitation in my msn.and i was thought msn cant add strangers before,bcz it asked for email address.

  6. I like your Thinking Michael, but I mean why wouldn\’t you want a whole bunch a friends? You could get to know them. I don\’t know if you got my other note I wrote you, because your now blocking notes, but, My names Fefe Fry and I\’m going into the Music Busniess. Yes I don\’t talk to just anyone, I talk to people that look ok, or the profile sounds intresting and cool, and your sounds cool. Mines not all done yet. so if you don\’t want to be friends, hey it\’s ok. So write me if you want. I\’ll be checken my E-mail @ times. See yah!

  7. Sorry shanshan wu, but I\’ve added people before, and all they do is annoy me, send me spam directly to my Hotmail inbox, and they don\’t even speak good English. @Fefe Fry: Most people who usually add me don\’t intend on being actual friends. I used to add people when they invited me before, hoping that maybe they\’ll communicate or leave a comment or something, but they don\’t do anything. It\’s like having a friend that doesn\’t even exist. Clutters up all my friends list, and there\’s no point to adding these people.

  8. Well, I stumbled upon this after I experienced a similar problem where this one guy just kept sending me group invites every 5 minutes. Drove me crazy I tell ya, but here\’s how I stopped it.When you look at your profile page, there should be a link called "Permissions" (If you can\’t find it hit <ctrl>-<f> and use the search. Now, in the permissions page there are two columns, one with Profile Details and another with Invitations and Communication preferences. Click on the topmost one and change "Who can invite you to their network" to No one. And presto!Oh, and sorry for necroing an old post.

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