Does the private messaging feature on Windows Live need some work?

The private messaging feature of Windows Live I find, is still too quirky. For instance, Windows Live communication settings acts very stupid. I’ve found that people send me private messages, but because their communication preferences are close, I can’t reply back to them. Sound stupid, right?

Like there’s this guy name Silvester and he wants to add me as a friend, and hopes for a reply.

However, because his communication preferences are off limits for me, I can’t reply.

So try telling me this isn’t kinda stupid. How am I suppose to communicate back to him? I tried checking out his profile, but there isn’t a place to leave a Note for him. So the only way I’d be able to communicate with him, was if I added him, which isn’t something that I’d want to do if I barely know this guy.

What Windows Live should do: Please do not allow users to send private messages to people if they do not open their communication preferences to the person they’re communicate with. Is it that hard?

Also, why not just directly send messages from users to my Windows Live Hotmail inbox?

Either do it the way Facebook does it, and show the whole message in my e-mail inbox, or don’t bother alerting me about new messages. In fact, that’s what Windows Live Alerts should be used for. I just think it’d be nicer if there was an option for private messages to be delivered straight to my inbox, but masking my e-mail address so the sender doesn’t know what it is.

Also, whenever I click on the big orange “View message” button, as shown on the image above, it takes me to all my private messages, but not the particular one that the sender sent to me. Kinda dumb!

I also think Microsoft should bring back the icons, because I think a lot of people who use the computer are pretty visual-oriented, and icons can be easier to recognize faster than test. I’ve had a few times where I couldn’t find the Delete button for the message, and I just don’t see why there can’t be a helpful icon next to it.

What are your opinions on the private messaging feature of Windows Live?


8 thoughts on “Does the private messaging feature on Windows Live need some work?

  1. Micheal…We have worked with the Live Suite of Services since it was forced upon us. That said some of the integration is well recieved but much to complex for the average user to understand let alone setup. The example you offer above is indicative of user understandability of settings.Agree that icon buttons would have been advantagous in many windows of Live Suite.

  2. Michael. I believe you think these quirks are stupid because they are stupid. I\’m certain I have refused contact with some nice people, but if I can\’t respond, can\’t see their site, see a site with nothing on it or done in a language which I do not even recognize, I automatically refuse. How can one be friends with or network with the other person if one can\’t communicate with them?Peace, Doc

  3. One definitely shouldn\’t be allowed to send messages if their preferences are not setup to receive them – agree completely. This change should definitely be made.Unfortunately this wouldn\’t stop someone from sending a message and THEN setting their preferences to not receive them but there\’s not much that can be done about that.You should put the "feedback" tag on this by the way.

  4. Hi Michael!I completely agree that users should not be able to send messages if it isn\’t provided to the recipient to reply back. You can at least make it where it will allow like 30 days of messaging back and forth as facebook has this option. As soon as you send a message to someone that isn\’t your friend you get access to limited information of their profile and are able to contact them for a short period of time of 30-45 days.Great suggestions and wonderful post!

  5. how can I keep private my network, I dont want every body to see who came to may network, I also want to erase such things as Peter came to your network 50 days ago. How can I erase these actions

  6. @Victoria: Currently, you can\’t send a \’private message\’ through Hotmail. It only works when you\’re on the actual Windows Live site. I think it\’s a bit silly.

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