Windows Live NEEDS to remember when I reject a Messenger invite

Ok, this is yet another quirk of the Windows Live system. Whenever I log into Windows Live Messenger, and a bunch of IM invites come up, I usually reject most of them (because they’re from strangers who I don’t really want to know). However, when I login to my ID on Windows Live Home to check out invites for Windows Live Profile, Messenger invites that I had ALREADY REJECTED are still mentioned. Windows Live needs to understand I already rejected those, and I don’t want to see them AGAIN when I check out invitations on my Profile.

For instance, when I logged into Messenger and a bunch of IM invites popped up, I got one from Caroline. I didn’t know her or want to know her so I rejected the offer.

I said “No, thanks.” and then clicked the OK button. Next, I clicked the e-mail icon to read unread messages on the web version of Hotmail, and no surprise – Most of them were either private messages or invites to other peoples’ profiles. So I deleted all of them right away, and just went to to Windows Live Home to read on them.


I read the private messages (I usually get a lot of stupid stuff like simple “Hi!” or just junk mail) and then moved onto the Profile or network invitations. To my chagrin, Caroline (who I recognized from her e-mail address) still had the option to add me as a Messenger contact even though I rejected her once!

Now I can’t be the only one experiencing this problem, right? I think there has to be other people having the same issues too. I just find it very annoying and disruptive, and also quite a time-waster rejecting tons of invites (I guess my blog reaches out to the worst) from Messenger, then having to sift through the same stuff again on Windows Live Profiles.

I just resort to picking “Decide later” simultaneously on each invite, and then rejecting them from Windows Live Profile – but it shouldn’t have to be this way. Period.


3 thoughts on “Windows Live NEEDS to remember when I reject a Messenger invite

  1. I believe that I have the worst case where I had rejected an odd person\’s invitation, but the notification stays there every time I sign in to messenger…. so annoying.

  2. The last one I deleted was a Space set up to sell \’Rolexes\’ and \’fine brand\’ leather goods. I don\’t accept many requests unless they are already friends of friends, but that may just be old man thinking. I believe we\’re supposed to have at least 736 people in our network to be considered worthy of existing. I liked the earlier, simpler way that one could see what friends had left comments much more useful. (The WoW gold guy is back and I can\’t/won\’t go through four years of posts to get them all eliminated.) It also seems to me that the Windows Live Team initiates all the changes they may have on Friday afternoon, just before they leave work and let us figure it out over the weekend. The last one wasn\’t too tough. Just a button to toggle back and forth between a monthly list and a topic list. I think I\’m done being crabby now. In case it didn\’t come through clearly, I agree with you.Peace, Doc

  3. I have the oposite problem. I clicked by mistake \’\’decide later" and I can\’t find the invite again, as if I had rejected it =.=\’\’ It\’s frustrating !!!

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