Have you seen Microsoft’s latest ‘visions’ of the future?

If you haven’t seen it by now, there has been a video floating around the web about Microsoft’s vision of the future, including a wide arrangement of vision types.

Here’s the basic Future Vision Montage if you haven’t seen it:

That video is composed of other videos including:

1. Health Future Vision (June 2007)

2. Retail Future Vision (April 2004)

3. Banking Future Vision (July 2005)

4. Manufacturing Future Vision (June 2006)

5. Productivity Vision (2009?) – personal favorite of mine, considering how in-depth and long it is



Here are some intriguing snapshots I took from some videos:

Future Windows Mobile?

Future Windows OS UI? Or a version for multi-touch surfaces?


Interesting links to look at:







3 thoughts on “Have you seen Microsoft’s latest ‘visions’ of the future?

  1. Why does it frighten me that the NSA is moving a large part of its surveillance operations into an unused Sony warehouse in Dallas which is within a stone\’s throw away from the Microsoft facility which would keep all of our Protected Health Information safe in a national database? I\’m sure that it\’s only a coincidence.Peace, Doc

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