When will you people understand? Invite overflow reaches epic proportions

I don’t think I’ve checked my inbox for just a few days, and imagine my surprise when I get 99+ e-mails after signing in to Messenger.

So I have 126 new e-mails, 40 invites to Messenger and possibly Profiles, 38 private messages, and honestly: MOST of these are pretty STUPID. It’s ridiculous all this mountain load of spam I’m getting. Microsoft may be trying to make Windows Live more sociable, but instead, it’s just making it easier for spammers and the “I-gotta-add-more-people” types in full force and bugging the heck out of me. Windows Live just doesn’t have enough “normal” users, like actual teenagers and young adults that actively use it, so instead, you just get mostly riff-raff. Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s kinda true. Not that everyone is this negative type, but it’s hard to miss.

If you read my blog, or kept up with my updates, you know I complain about this a lot. But maybe if the Windows Live team notices this, they’re going to get with the program, and do much more to make Windows Live a better service network.


13 thoughts on “When will you people understand? Invite overflow reaches epic proportions

  1. I\’ve turned off ALL Windows Live network invites. No one can try to add me on Windows Live right now. If someone super important wants to add me, they can email me because they should have my email address if they really know me 😉 I\’ve enjoyed almost 2 weeks of recovery from invite spam.

  2. @Brandon LeBlanc: I\’ve been thinking about that, but I\’m not sure if I want to do that. I mean, there\’s just the remote chance that I have an actual reader, who may want to add me for legitimate purposes, and I block that access, a potential friendship will be gone. Then again, having 110 invites to deal with isn\’t fun either. I guess I really will probably have to shut down network invites. Kinda defeats the purpose of having this feature in Windows Live if it\’s just meant to be abused, eh?

  3. @Mike: I\’m not sure. I haven\’t reached that limit, but I do recall the most I ever hit was 260+ and there was no limit near that point.

  4. Actual teenagers and young adults??? Normal users?? And to which catagory do you put us older Windows Live users? There are plenty of Grannies, Grandad\’s, retired folks, and \’middle aged users on here many who actually bother to write some really interesting blogs, what about them? You are right of course, most of us DON\’T want this on Windows Live nor did we ask for it either. How they get your details to contact you in the first place is the real question to ask. TG

  5. I always invites now and then and the people inviting I do not know! But they do not meet my requirements, which is a profile picture and some content, such as a blog. I look to see what they are blogging about, if something strikes me as interesting even if it one thing. I will add them or consider adding them! A empty profile equals block!I do not personally know anyone on my friends list, but that also makes it interesting! Or so I feel.Take Care

  6. @Technogran: Sorry, I didn\’t mean that older people are \’riff-raff\’ or anything like that, but it is true that a lot older people just are not interested in social-networking of any type, though there are a good many that do utilize social-networks, such as yourself. I was just referring to the characteristics of \’popular\’ mainstream web services, where it\’s often mentioned positively in the media (like the whole Twitter craze going on) and where a lot of young people (usually in tune to the latest in tech) utilize it. Characteristics that do not match with Windows Live so much.

  7. @Michael Flint SR: Pretty much the same here. If the person offers almost no explanation for adding me, and I check to find their profile to see that it\’s pretty unactive, or filled with unsatisfactory material, I choose not to invite that person. However, only about 1% of all invites, I actually do add. Pretty sad.

  8. Just when I thought I was out of ideas you have given me a wonderful one. I can twit about every time I poop or trip over the cat, and then do a summary twit collection as a blog post every day. I\’d sure want to know that stuff about my whole network.Peace, Doc

  9. Go get \’em Technogran. Somebody has to remind those young whippper snappers to respect us old coots. Why, back in my day when I was walking to school, in waist deep snow, barefoot, uphill both ways I used to be thankful for the elders giving me a lump of coal for my pocket to keep me from blowing away and a crust of bread for marking a trail to find my way home.How about a compromise; I dumped my Facebook account because I got tired of all the 2 syllable posts and photos of feet and such so there’s a little more room over there. I came here for the awesome photography and found a huge community of old geezers like me who enjoy sharing memories, joys and heartaches and a good belly laugh or a good cry now and then. Let’s divide and conquer; set a minimum age for Spaces and a max for Facebook. You youngsters hang out over there and when you get old enough we’ll welcome you over here and spend the first month saying “I told you so!”Look, I’m just yanking your chain. I’ve had the same problem and blogged about it myself. It’s sad but true that there are a lot of people out there who either don’t have a life or need adult supervision. I don’t know how to fix the name collecting here on Spaces, but if I did you can rest assured everyone would hear about it. I guess we’ll just have to keep on screening invites until Microshaft wakes up and comes up with a solution. Before you get your hopes up keep in mind what some of their previous solutions have been like……that dog IE8 is a prime example.Thanks for letting me rail against the machine in your notes, Michael……..as if you had a choice. I’m awaiting your payback on mine.Peace. Chip Allen, 55 years young today and getting more crotchety by the minute……..and loving it!

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