Abisko washbasin is truly futuristic

I caught sight of this sink, and I think it’s pretty neat. It’s called the Abikso washbasin made by the Eumar Washbasin Factory:

It is named after a Swedish national park called Abisko National Park, and the design concept was to make something very minimalistic that would allow a free flow and moderate treatment of water without unnecessary details such as drain pipes and whatnot.

While it does look rather cool, I find it more interesting that this could be utilized as a sink/urinal combo. Now the company didn’t promote the washbasin as a sink/urinal combo, but it’s not a bad idea, right?

A guy could pee in the lower part of the basin, wash his hands at the top where the faucet is, and the runoff water will wash away the urine into the drain. This would be pretty eco-friendly as it conserves water and serve a dual function. I’m surprised this isn’t in Ikea.

Of course it’s not going to replace a regular toilet, but the Abikso wouldn’t be a bad idea for public restrooms in fancy/upscale places or maybe even in a personal home. It also makes a nice art piece.

Any thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Abisko washbasin is truly futuristic

  1. Your idea is very piratical and eco-friendly, but I don\’t think the designer is aiming for that.Besides, it doesn\’t look like the water is going to flush through the whole surface other than the "water way" which creates a hygiene problem if an untidy bloke use it.

  2. @Kit Yeung: I know the designer wasn\’t aiming for it, but I saw that the photo at first, and thought it was a urinal contraption, and then realized it has more potential than just a sink. Yes, the water may not cover the whole surface, but I think the sides are steep enough that any droplets of water or urine will eventually hit the runoff center.

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