Bing-o! We might have a winner?

News has come out that Bing will be replacing Live Search, and the Kumo branding has been scrapped.

Bing has several promotional sites you can visit including:

1. Decision Engine – Just one video that shows how Bing can help you decide stuff, a letter from the Bing Team, and links to follow Bing and share to your friends.

2. Discover Bing – This will showcase additional information about what Bing is, how it was developed, and the people behind some of the projects. There’s videos, and several Bing applications you can download.

The actual site is up, but it’s not available to users until June 3rd at

Microsoft is marketing Bing as a ‘decision engine’, meaning that Bing isn’t just a typical search engine that will display the just pages and pages of results, but it will try to make it easier to display information that might help you reach your goal.

In my opinion however, Bing is pretty much the SAME as Live Search. Same results, just a new look and different layout. Personally, I don’t like that new look or the new layout. It didn’t add anything new, it just looks different and I don’t like it.

I do like the scorecard feature that they offer to compare prices and reviews. Microsoft has this neat algorithm that can scan through reviews and pick up keywords that will indicate how well a product/place does in a certain category. This already exists on MSN City Guides.

I also strongly dislike the logo the chose:

The font type isn’t really attractive, the ‘g’ looks too similar to another search engine we all know well of, and I don’t under stand why toe dot in the ‘i’ is yellow. Really, it’s just ugly.

I also don’t like the background fade that appears at the top right of the page. It’s distracting in my opinion, and doesn’t really do much.

I am also not a fan of the whole orange-blue-gray color scheme they have going. Looks kinda tacky.

Of course, things can change (the transition to MSN Search to Bing has shown this), so maybe they might change their logo to something better, and may you can turn off some of the glitzy effects. I really do hope Bing brings great results, and will add extra features over time. I think Bing may have the potential of finally being more on a competitive level with at least Yahoo! and maybe Google.

Official Press Release:


2 thoughts on “Bing-o! We might have a winner?

  1. I agree. Probably for the wrong reasons, but I much prefer to just see the information that I queried rather than being distracted by funny backgrounds, things that blink or are fuzzy, or are just generally a distraction. Maybe MS thinks young people want or need this sort of thing, but it took a bit of getting used to to get past the glitz to real information.Peace, Doc

  2. @Cynical Psychologist: Have you given it a try? I don\’t really like the background fade at the top either, but that\’s about the only \’glitzy\’ thing there is. I find a lot of information from some simple search queries.

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