Bing is spreading around the interwebs fast!

The other day, I just posted my Bing entry, and now Bing has already been released to the public as a preview in the American market, and a beta in others. It’s interesting how rapidly it’s been spreading in the news and on other sites. There’s already been a somewhat positive feedback on Bing, where bloggers and readers have commended Bing for bringing a more different and useful style of search where Bing brings back results or information in a layout that is quite useful.

Bing has also invaded several website. On MSN, there’s already a Bing moniker next to the search box. If you take away the Bing logo, the search box actually looks kinda nice.

Bing is also present on Windows Live, in the (useless) search box. The only use the search box has in my opinion is to search the web, though it’s not the default. I still can’t find most of my real life friends using Windows Live. already recognizes Bing as a competing search engine, and tells users they should use Ask instead. (Personally, I think has gotten worse since they removed universal search, and the many text ads are extremely annoying).

Bing also appears to have a mobile version. Bing Mobile can modify web pages to fit on a mobile phone screen by breaking the page down into sections. You can also call 1-800-BING-411 (1-800-246-4411) and orally tell Bing what local information you want to know.

Bing seems to be pretty promising. Keep up the good work Bing team.


4 thoughts on “Bing is spreading around the interwebs fast!

  1. What\’s all the hype about? I mean what exactly is Microsoft trying to do with this "great new thing" and do they have the first service pack ready to download yet? I’ve heard the name a few times and know that it’s supposed to be a decision engine rather than a search engine. Decision engine ????? I’m sorry but with Microsoft’s track record for releasing software riddled with problems and fixing them on the fly I for one am skeptical.Bing is going to have a tough job winning me over from Google. Windows Live Search hasn\’t done it, Yahoo didn\’t do it nor did all the other “great new things” I\’ve seen come and go in the last 15 years and I\’ve tried \’em all at one time or another. Maybe I should live in Missouri, the Show Me State.

  2. @Chip Allen: Just give it a try for a few days. It won\’t hurt, and it\’s at least worth a shot at trying before completely denouncing it. As far as I can tell, Bing usually gets my queries correct, and its on par with Google in my opinion. A lot of bloggers (usually Googlers) have noted this too. I think the hard part, is even if someone finds Bing awesome, it\’s hard to change a habit of not going to Google for searches. So just give this search engine a try before bring in the usual skepticalness.

  3. New design is definitely memorable, more so than the ugly Windows Live Search. However, the features could still use some work.

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