MSN Shopping & MSN Travel have died; MSN Soapbox almost dead; MSN needs to control its ads, & MSN Wallpapers

It’s interesting to note that Microsoft has finally shut down MSN Shopping (a site I thought was just horrendous for shopping) and MSN Travel (a site that really didn’t have much going for it either).

Here is Bing Shopping:

Here is Bing Travel:

I predicted this would happen eventually at some point, and I was right.

Personally though, I’m still not liking the design of Bing. It just seems rather bland and too white for me. And the ways it looks and is laid out just bores me. There’s very little graphic appeal, no nice colors, nothing. Just a bunch of text to look at with a few graphics.


Then there’s MSN Soapbox news. Apparently, Microsoft is pretty much killing Soapbox as a place for users to upload and share videos. Rather than making it user oriented, they want to make it a specialized video-sharing site for just bloggers and citizen journalists. You know,kinda like Brightcove? Here’s a direct quote from CNET, the source of the news:

“Microsoft hopes to transform Soapbox, originally code-named Warhol, from an also-ran in the user-generated content space into a forum where bloggers and citizen journalists can post videos relevant to areas in which MSN focuses, categories like entertainment, lifestyle, and finance.”

I’m rather disappointed. I was hoping Microsoft would eventually update Soapbox with Silverlight effects, video thumbnail previews (like Bing), more Bing and Windows Live integration (like the What’s New feed updates and integrating Bing Maps for geotagging), and a bunch of other stuff Microsoft could/should do.

Instead, it’s been an awful video-sharing service. MSN Video is at the forefront, with Soapbox as a small pet project underneath it and hidden away with no advertising whatsoever. Many people who have posted comments to this news were surprised MSN Soapbox ever existed. This goes to show that Microsoft didn’t really even try with Soapbox. This was just another half-hearted attempt it seems to compete with someone. Examples of how Microsoft has not really tried:

  1. No ad campaign for MSN Video or Soapbox (that I remember)
  2. On the MSN homepage, in the list of content offered on MSN, there’s no direct link to MSN Video (however, there is a MSN video player with other video highlights, but it’s not direct to the MSN Video homepage)
  3. No major features added (well except a nasty filter crawler that detects copyrighted material) since launch around 2 years ago
  4. MSN Soapbox team blog long decommissioned. It used to be here:

MSN Soapbox was awesome in its beta days. There were no ads, my video showed up in amazingly high-res compared to YouTube, and the whole site seemed to have a lot of potential.

Nowadays, MSN Video reigns over Soapbox with it’s many MSN content videos, and partner channels. Soapbox is a small link away. Ads practically play before every video (often 30 seconds long, wasting lots of time), an MSN content video autoplays after 9 seconds a video finishes (mega annoying since I didn’t request this), very little content in comparison to Youtube, etc. I could go on and on.

The only really thing MSN Soapbox has going for it is its slick interface (where you can always video the video player while the page changes, and it’s convenient video queue. That’s about it. The fact that it’s going to become some stupid thing for writers, makes me think that Soapbox will soon be dying with the other services that have died because MS no longer really cared about it. Quite sad frankly.


I’ve also noticed something tacky and utterly disgraceful about MSN: ads that pop onto the page (don’t confuse with pop-ups). Say you’re on the MSN Greetings site, and you’re browsing for eCards. Up shows a little ad, just like the one in the picture above. Not as a pop-up, but as an ad that appears on screen where you have to click “Skip Ad” to get it off the page. That’s something I’d expect from trashy website, not something affiliated with MSN. It could have something to do with the fact it’s really the American Greetings site, but Microsoft should be more responsible than that. Those ads are nasty and annoying and don’t make me want to use this site at all. Also, these eCards are rather weak for a high price and membership requirement.


I’ve been looking around international MSN sites, and I noticed something called MSN Wallpapers on the British and South African version:

Gathering from the information on the site, you can find and discover interesting wallpapers MSN has collected, and you have the ability to fix the images up in a special type of software designed for MSN Wallpapers and you can even add speech balloons. You can also sign a wallpaper to specific times a day, or a wallpaper slideshow. Kinda interesting if you ask me. I might try it later and write about it.

So that’s about it for MSN news. There may be even more, but that’s all that’s too interesting at the moment.


3 thoughts on “MSN Shopping & MSN Travel have died; MSN Soapbox almost dead; MSN needs to control its ads, & MSN Wallpapers

  1. I agree. MSN Soapbox has been disappointing to say the least. Of course, when they finally do kill off Soapbox like I\’m sure they will, Windows Live users will be left without a place to upload their video. Of course we could choose one of the many services out there; YouTube, Vimeo et al. However, it\’s further fracturing Windows Live apart when I can\’t do all I want to do on Windows Live. Calls had been made from pretty much Day One asking why MSN Video was not made a part of Skydrive to begin with. We upload our photos there, we upload our documents there, we upload our favourites there, now why not our video?Sadly…as a blog platform, I fear that Windows Live Spaces is also on target to be shut down. Why add "Web Activities" from no less than 7 other blog providers instead of encouraging Windows Live users to use the Windows Live platform? Same goes for photos. Is Windows Live admitting that it\’s not as good as other services? And if so, who\’s fault is that?

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