MSN finally tries to show itself on social sites and RSS feeds

I noticed this ad on Windows Live Profile today:

I know RSS has been available on MSN for awhile now, but Twitter and Facebook? They might as well also hit MySpace, Reddit, and other sites too. I would like to say I’m shocked it took this long, but considering how long it’s taken MSN to do other things, well it’s not much of a surprise anymore.

I clicked on the ad, and got this site, where it showed what types of MSN content were available on Twitter, Facebook, and RSS:

As you can tell, this site wasn’t made that perfectly, because when I hovered over “MSN Movies” under the Facebook section, not headlines or anything showed up. Just a plain blue rectangle. Same for all the other MSN on Facebook links. Even when I refreshed the page, there was still nothing. I’m running this in IE8 by the way, and even did Compatibility Mode, but nada. MSN still has some work to do on improving their sites…

At least it’s nice to see them catching up some more.


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