10 ‘redundant’ things that Microsoft could perhaps fix

There are generally two types of feelings when it comes to a company that makes many various products/services with overlapping similarities.

One feeling is the separatist feeling. This person prefers, and likes that the company does business in this style. This person likes this approach because he/she feels the benefits would mean broader price ranges available, more choices to picking exactly the right one, able to avoid ones with extraneous features he/she may not want to deal with, and maybe the feeling of superiority with having the best of the company’s product line among other advantages.

The other feeling is integrationist. This person would rather see more integration, and less smorgasbord of choices if possible. This person prefers this approach because he/she wants a more simpler set of choices regardless of the limited price range, better and smoother integration among the company’s other products/service, and not having to deal with or buy extra product/services because what was purchased wasn’t enough.

I’m more of the former, and believe that by integrating and merging similar products, Microsoft can get rid of its redundant offerings and focus on the functionality and experience of one or few, instead of many applications to make it easier to deal with.

Here’s a list of examples of redundancies I’ve noticed in Microsoft’s offerings and what I think Microsoft should do about it:

1. Microsoft Office v. Microsoft Works – Between these two, I think Microsoft Works needs to die. It conflicts not just with Microsoft Office, but also Windows Live Calendar, Windows Live People/Contacts, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Encarta Dictionary, and maybe other Microsoft offerings. The latest, Works 9, offers at least fairly good basic applications, but with free Office Web Applications to come out soon, not to mention discounts you can find on copies of Office in the right places, I really don’t think Microsoft should bother with Works anymore, and focus on Office entirely. I really don’t like the strange user interface that Works goes with anyhow. [Good overview video of Works 9]


2. Windows Media Player v. Zune software clientWindows Media Player and Zune software client both offer VERY similar functionality. However, one software is clearly designated for the Zune device. In my opinion, there really needs to be some type of merging done. I think it would be best if Microsoft discontinued WMP. Now I really do like WMP, and I know how important it’s been in Windows, but the times have changed. Considering Windows 7, I really think that WMP’s functionality as a program to play/manage media and sync with many devices can now be replaced by Windows Explorer and Device Stage. Of course, Windows Explorer could use a fix for better media playing/managing functionality and more devices needs to support Device Stage (if not, just plug in the external hard drive anyway), but it can work. Zune software can still be an independent media playing/management software for the Zune, while those with other portable media players could just do with Windows Explorer and Device Stage. Best of both worlds. I still wish and hope that Microsoft will allow Zune users the option of plugging it in and using Windows Explorer if desired.

   > +

3. Zune Marketplace v. Xbox Live Marketplace v. other Microsoft marketplaces.. – Even though there’s an Xbox update for Zune video content to be available on Xbox, I want to take it a step further and completely merge Xbox Live Marketplace, Zune Marketplace, Windows Mobile Marketplace, Windows Live Gallery, Office Clip Art & Templates, Internet Explorer Gallery and even the former Windows Marketplace all into one download store. I’m guessing it could be called “Microsoft Marketplace” or “Microsoft Download Store” (MDS) or simply “The MarketPlace”. Here’s how I think it can work. You can buy and view EVERYTHING available in The MarketPlace, or you can enable which items show up by choosing the desired platforms you’re interested in viewing in the Settings menu. All purchases are tied to a Windows Live ID and you can use this on every platform when buying or accessing purchases. You can purchase ANY content on Marketplace no matter what platform you are on, but you can only download/stream it if content supports that platform you are accessing it from.

For instance, say if you are accessing The MarketPlace from a Zune HD, you could buy a Xbox theme, a Clip Art file, a Windows software program, and a song. You can buy all that stuff on the Zune HD, but you could only download the song and maybe the Clip Art file, because those are the only purchases that can actually work your Zune HD. Later, you could login into The MarketPlace from your Xbox and PC with your Windows Live ID, and then download the theme onto Xbox, and the program onto Windows. I think a mega-combined Microsoft download store could be really neat as it allows users to view and perhaps buy ANYTHING available in MarketPlace on any Microsoft platform, and tie it to a secure Windows Live ID so if needed, you could always download it later on the correct platform and keep track of what you’ve purchased.

  +   +

4. Windows Live Sync v. Windows Live SkyDrive v. Live Mesh – This one isn’t so hard to break up. Live Mesh basically does everything that Windows Live Sync does, so combining Live Mesh and Windows Live Sync will be a no brainer. I’d prefer if they kept the name Windows Live Sync, because ‘Sync’ gives users a better idea of what it is, rather than ‘Mesh’. I think SkyDrive can either stand independent or also be integrated into Sync+Mesh as a full fledged cloud storage option. If SkyDrive does get folded into Sync+Mesh, I hope it’s still easily accessible without having to bother with synchronization options that users may not want to bother with.

5. Internet Explorer v. MSN Explorer – This one shouldn’t be that difficult either. MSN Explorer isn’t that great and hardly on par with even IE6. I have used it though, and it felt kinda neat with the little graphic gimmicks, but it got boring fast. MSN doesn’t even really support it anymore, so just cut the ax on MSN Explorer once and for all. Internet Explorer 8 has been a very great browser, and in my opinion, on par with the other latest browsers.


6. Windows Live Personalized Experience v. Windows Live Home v. MyMSN – All of Microsoft’s start pages, whether it’s MyMSN or My.Live.Com or Windows Live Home, are rather cruddy. MyMSN and My.Live.Com definitely need to get axed. MyMSN, even the new version, is a weak attempt in pushing more dumb MSN content onto a page, with no 3rd party module support, low customizability, and just plain BORING. Don’t even bother fixing it up! My.Live.Com was a nice modest attempt at a start page, but considering there’s been no update for over 2 years, and no response on it, it’s just best to also knock this one down too. Netvibes and MyYahoo! are much better start pages, and Microsoft could make some more official applications for those. Anyhow, that leaves simply just Windows Live Home, though I hardly call it the same category, though there’s been a little debate on what “Microsoft want” your homepage to be. I think of Windows Live Home as a simple dashboard to all things going on in your Windows Live network.

+      + 

7. SkyDrive photo storage v. Windows Live Photos – Are they the same or not? Well apparently, based on what I remember, anything uploaded onto Windows Live Photos gets stored in SkyDrive. So basically, Windows Live Photos is an alternative front end to your SkyDrive photo storage. If you ask me, that’s just plain silly. Why highlight only photos, and not other things like videos, documents, etc.? Anyway, I suggest Microsoft scraps away the Windows Live Photos front end, highlight SkyDrive as a place to store/share files, and fix the SkyDrive front end so that it would be more ideal for viewing users’ photos, videos, music and more without having to download the files if not desired.

8. MSN’s content articles v. MSNBC news articles – This is more of a sticky issue than anything. MSN uses MSNBC for international/major news coverage. At the same time, both offer content articles from different sites. You see, they both have articles on certain categories, like technology, health, travel, but on separate sites. For instance, MSN Health and MSNBC’s health section both have news regarding medical stuff. Sometimes, I’ve seen a MSNBC article ON an MSN content page. Talk about nuts. My solution: Merge MSN’s unique content onto MSNBC’s corresponding pages, or just knock out most MSN content sites altogether. MSN does have some nice unique content and tools, but it’s not much that you couldn’t find on another similar, more in depth site. MSN Health can’t really compete much against WebMD, especially when you consider most articles are from outside sources. So maybe it would be better if MSN just quits while it’s ahead, and kill MOST of it’s content sites, and just stick to Entertainment and special features stuff. It’s not like the MSN team is really trying much.

9. Multiple Windows versions – I don’t have a problem with choice, but I do when the choices are too similar and get confusing. Windows 7 improves the choices line-up a bit better, but I still think there could be more simplification without sacrifice. I’d like to say that there should just be two versions: Home and Ultimate. Home will work great for the majority of computer users, and is the same as Home Premium. Home would replace Starter and Home Basic. Ultimate would be targeted to business users or users that want it all. Ultimate would replace Professional and Enterprise. So what about the markets intended for the other versions? Well here’s why I would skip the following ones:

  • Starter – Too slimmed down, and I don’t think the Windows user experience should be stripped like that. It’s can’t run Aero, no 64 bit support doesn’t make a quality user experience that I think Windows should always be.
  • Home Basic – The version for ‘emerging markets’. The same reason as starter, I still think the Windows user experience is important, and I don’t want it to be reduced so people in a 3rd world country can afford something substandard. I feel for poor people, and I’d rather they go to Linux or Windows CE or something, then Microsoft dropping things out just to meet their needs.
  • Professional – This is geared towards smaller businesses. I think businesses should just go directly with Ultimate anyhow, because they might utilize its features eventually and they should have access to the best built-in tools. Anyway, more is usually better.
  • Enterprise – This is a biggie. It’s only available to large companies to be deployed across many of its computers, and would have several unique SA benefits and whatnot. Instead, I think Microsoft should still apply the SA-benefits over to versions of Ultimate when an enterprise wants the Ultimate version, instead of having to make a whole separate ‘version’

So anyway, I think with a little adjustments in some cases, Windows Home and Ultimate should be plenty for everyone.

10. Games for Windows (Live) v. MSN Games v. Xbox Live Arcade v. Windows Live Messenger games – This is a tricky bunch. Games For Windows is Microsoft’s ‘platform’ for pushing PC gaming to be more popular, MSN Games is a site where you can play/download pretty much casual/arcade games and earn badges online, Xbox Live Arcade is Microsoft’s digital store for selling video games on the Xbox, and Windows Live Messenger games is games that can be played on Windows Live Messenger. Though these are all on different platforms, there could be a way to unite them because they all deal with games. I would suggest that Microsoft should put all the games available on its 4 platforms into the ‘Games’ section on MarketPlace (refer to idea #3).

I’m wishing that the games available on MarketPlace can work across most if not all platforms. Like I could be playing Uno on Messenger, while my buddy is playing it in his web browser, another buddy on Xbox, and maybe another one on Zune. At the same time, it would be neat if there were a unified Achievements board across all 4 platforms, so it’s not just an Xbox or MSN only thing. Anyway, a way to combine all these ‘gaming’ platforms together would be a wonderful idea in my opinion.

  +    +   

I’m thinking that a good implementation of merging and integrating will create a seamless, dynamic way of unifying Microsoft’s platforms and make the end user’s experience much more simple and fun.

Any questions, doubts, compliments, or something you’d like to say? Just comment!

Note: Just so you know, these are more wishes in an ideal world than anything. Probably most things on this list won’t be implemented for obvious reasons, because we don’t live in an ideal world. #9 won’t work because of prices and user types, #2 because many APIs use WMP, etc.

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8 thoughts on “10 ‘redundant’ things that Microsoft could perhaps fix

  1. Good post Michael with lot\’s of good suggestions. It can get confusing for users when there are so many duplicates and triplicates.

  2. For what it\’s worth I agree with 90% of what you\’ve list Michael. I just hope someone at Microsoft is paying attention.

  3. Tiny nit pick, you open with two people types, and then say you are the former but repeat the later characteristics. Former being first and later being last options. But otherwise a good post.

  4. Agree with pretty much everything here. At first I also thought the various levels of Windows 7 were even more confusing, but I guess times change especially with Chrome, etc. and experimenting with more tiered pricing isn\’t a bad thing. My.Msn and My.Live are useless. They should just integrate those features into Home.Live.com and one up iGoogle somehow. Hopefully somebody from Microsoft is reading this. I disagree that Internet Explorer 8 is that great though. It\’s noticeably slower on all websites.

  5. Good thoughts. I must agree with the logic and eventual practicality of most of the changes you suggest. There are several services and programs which I have not used and cannot comment knowledgeably on. I have one major concern. I\’m 63 and if Microsoft started trying to implement these changes today, they wouldn\’t get it right until several years after I died. And then I\’d miss the patches. *grin*Peace, Doc

  6. On windows live games for windows live how i can see friend list.But xbox and zune you friends list.Next do you have new info on microsoft social desktop do you no if it is part windows live 4.Whats going happen with windows live gallery.Do you no if windows live frameit intergated xbox live and zune so i can my music play and what my friends are do online with xbox game plays and my xbox friends game plays.Mesh do you if i can sync up with my xbox and zune and camera and printer.Do you if the zune hd will support silver light.Next question silverlight streaming what going with this web site http://silverlight.live.com/http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/SocialDesktop/

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