Microsoft will release an HD webcam to stores by September 9th

The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema HD webcam (kinda long, eh?) will be released on September 9th.


It connects by USB 2.0, it captures in 1,280 X 720 HD resolution at 30 frames per second along with auto focus, 4X digital zoom, noise-canceling mic on the top, and something called ClearFrame that somehow allows smoother video. The body is made of aluminum, it uses a glass lens, and there’s even a Windows Live call button mounted behind the microphone.

It does have some heftier requirements like a dual-core processor with 1.6GHz minimum (3GHz and 2GB of memory recommended).

It’s also compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP and Windows Live software, such as Messenger, Movie Maker, and Photo Gallery. I’m only hoping the Windows Live software will take the full HD capabilities of the webcam.

It’s great to finally see a real HD webcam out there. This webcam is $80 in the US so it’s pretty high end.

Do you use a webcam, and if you do, what kind? Does an HD webcam sound interesting or frivolous?

Source: Pocket-lint

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft will release an HD webcam to stores by September 9th

  1. I want one! I already have a LifeCam VX5000 but of course it ain\’t in HD! Wow! this is fabulous! You could do HD vids and alsorts with it. Mind you, if its $80 in the States then it\’ll be no doubt £80 here and out of this Granny\’s pocket. *sigh* Love it!

  2. crestind, it\’ll fit on top of my Samsung monitor easy peasy! LOL If that \’stand\’ works in exactly the same way as the VX5000 then you just bend it around the top \’lip\’

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