Return of the Spam Bots!

I know I haven’t been blogging too much lately, as I do have things of other prioities to take care of, but I couldn’t help but stop to write a quick blog about the insane amounts of spam coming back to Windows Live Spaces.

It looks like some Chinese spammers came and plagued my blog posts with their ugly links to some stupid website that sells electronic stuff. As you can see in the picture above, the red arrow is pointing to the tiny scrollbox that looks very miniscule compared to the whole scrollbar. Why? Because there’s that much spam shown in the comments section.

I thought the Windows Live team would have got it by now, but this is really annoying and I don’t like how the page HAS to confirm if you really want to delete the comment or not.

I’m not stupid Microsoft. With so much spam, there needs to be a way to disable dialog prompts like this, because I’m one of those users who are well aware of what they’re about to do, and deleting comments shouldn’t be a pain every time! Imagine me having to delete EVERY comment that’s spam, and clicking OK in a the dialog for the nth time!

Anyway, you think the Windows Live team could make it easier to report and shut down spammers? Or make it easier to delete comments? Or how about making text entry just a bit more limited where you can only put up to 4 links per comment? Anything to reduce spam attacks would be nice for us users Windows Live.

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6 thoughts on “Return of the Spam Bots!

  1. Michael, Great. I hate spam, and I\’ve been fighting it here in Windows Live for a year. But, this time I am not going to give up. I hope people like you to give me the urls of the profiles of spammers. X

  2. Windows Live Spaces desperately needs updating. Hoping they\’ll update things in Wave 4. Surprisingly they actually respond to the spam and feedback reports.

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