Windows Live Spaces to WordPress process

Here’s a series of screenshots from moving from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress from one of my other blogs. Hope you like.

1. Go to and you’ll land directly here, unless you’ve chosen to delay switching, which you can enable via a reminder bar at the top.

2. Statement saying that this action can’t be reversed, any Spaces’ URLs will become WordPress URLs, and if you had a private Spaces it will go to a Private WordPress blog.

3. Now I’m at the actual WordPress site.  It asks me to connect via Messenger Connect so it can access my Spaces content.

4. Up pops a separate window asking if I want to allow any updates I do on WordPress to be able to be seen by Messenger friends. I’ll say “Yes”. (Scratched out is my Windows Live ID for privacy reasons).

5. So now I create a username (scratched out for privacy reasons), a password, password confirmation, and check I agree with their legal terms.


6. Now I fill out what I want my custom WordPress affiliated URL to be, my blog title, language, privacy, timezone and publicize information.


7. So now I’ve officially moved to WordPress and I can view this page to see how the progress of migration is going. Can’t wait to do some real blogging!

8. Yay! This is what the default blog style I got. A little “Hello world!” post from WordPress shows up, as well as a filler comment too. Neat.

WordPress has an official welcome statement inviting Spaces users to come in, and the Windows Live team has declared their own statement admitting their failure and how they’re moving towards the future. That’s pretty much my last post directly on my Spaces site.


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