Back to blogging!

Yes! I’m finally back to blogging! I will definitely be posting some more stuff soon, though I’m wondering if I still have any readers left because of the move to WordPress and more importantly, me not doing posts for quite a long time.

Here are the types of things I’ll probably be posting:

  • Thoughts on recent developments of various Microsoft projects (consumers-side of course)
  • Wishlists of things I wish Microsoft would do of various types of software/services, etc.
  • In-depth reviews of all things Microsoft that I use
  • Occasional experiences (or frustrations!) I’d like to share with certain Microsoft things
  • Linkposts, where I post a bunch of interesting links I found regarding all things Microsoft, with a quick description of what seemed so intriguing
  • Future-type posts, where I focus on a certain aspect of our lives and how I envision it might change in the near future (usually with a Microsoft angle of course)

Plus maybe even more. But I’ll definitely be focusing on those things like I have in the past.

I’ll also be working on trying to make this an even better blog than the previous one hosted on the now defunct Windows Live Spaces, Microsoft and the Future, by updating much more often, trying to add some humor, and being less formal than I was before (though not too informal!).

So yep, this is pretty much a new start for me, and I’ll definitely see that I do a much better job on this blog. People have liked my previous blogs in the past, because I’m very descriptive, I pretty much hit the right points, so I hope I still got that mojo in me.


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