Hotmail False Positive #1

I’m not sure what the rate of other  free e-mail service providers are, but Hotmail always has issues recognizing legitimate e-mail addresses.

For instance, here’s one from the How likely is it that someone who manages to have that domain, is going to do something against you?


It also doesn’t help that the largest e-mail provider in the world isn’t exactly liked by a government e-mail server.


Seriously, Microsoft? Come on. You can do better than this. I think I’ll start a series of “Hotmail False Positives” to show how ridiculous some of Hotmail’s worries are.


2 thoughts on “Hotmail False Positive #1

    • Maybe I should have, but I guessed I assumed everyone would consider it’s the default: “Standard – Most junk mail is sent to the junk e-mail folder”. Which it is. I have several more examples coming up.

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