Hotmail False Positive #2

So I guess something from Newsvine, owned by MSNBC, which is a partner with, which is owned by Microsoft, comes under suspicion of Hotmail?


What’s funny is that Hotmail does recognize Newsvine though, as a friendly person, because of that pale blue section at the very top saying “Better together; You can do more when you connect this sender to Windows Live. Find our more”. Talk about double ridiculous.

Hotmail recognizes Newsvine as some sort of partner, yet an e-mail from them poses a safety risk. Strange. Just strange.

2 thoughts on “Hotmail False Positive #2

  1. All email services providers block pictures if you have not already approved them or if they are not in your contact list. Windows Live Mail and Outlook both this as well. Pictures in an e-mail is one why of tracking, [to see if you opened the e-mail]

    • There weren’t any pictures however. Just links. Hotmail should be smarter to recognize that e-mails sent directly from well-known sites shouldn’t pose a risk. It’s one less click I have to do when it’s very obvious it’s unlikely to be phising or anything bad.

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