Hey there! Macrosoft is all about taking a bigger look at Microsoft and the stuff they make and do. I’m all about analyzing, discussing, commenting, on virtually almost anything about Microsoft from the consumer side.

This blog will primarily try to hit up editorial style posts, occasional perks/quirks I experience with Microsoft stuff, and of course looking towards the future as to where I’d love to see Microsoft develop. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a fanboy, but I am a tech enthusiast, and for the most part, I feel that Microsoft is the best tech company with enough potential and innovation to really make our lives easier through digital technology.



One thought on “About

  1. Can you identify the location of the picture you posted as an example of “Sophisticated modern town home style with parking garages underground”, at “Scenario 1: Suburbs are redesigned for the 21st century”, in your article “The Future: Shift from Suburban to Urban”? What city is this, what street, what residential development?



    Christine Cousineau
    Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning
    Tufts University

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