Here’s what the new Bing will look like for Windows 8–exclusive

Guess what happened when I did some random query for “higher one”:

new bing look 2

Yep. That’s the new look for Bing. It’s obviously a website quirk that I just happened to land on it. You notice there’s no other search verticals, ads, and even the right side seems cut off. But it does show how Bing is going more Metro-style in terms of the font, making the content (in this case, the search query) more king, amongst other things.

Unfortunately, I could only make this happen once. I tried it again, by typing in the IE9 address box some random query, but it didn’t work. So that’s the only other glimpse for now.

In case you think it’s Photoshopped or whatever, it’s not. It really did spontaneously happen. I mean I can’t offer much proof. I was only aware of Winrumors getting the scoop after I told my friend Joe about what I saw. Again, nobody has to believe me, but this image is what I saw on the Bing page.