If only IE could recover webpages after a computer crash

Sometimes my terrible HP 2000-363NR will have a system crash if I jerk the computer too fast in the process of moving it somewhere else. I usually use both Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 11.0.

When I restart my system, I notice Firefox consistently manages to remember what tabs I had before the system crashed and presents it to me and lets me even pick which tabs I would like to reload instead of just loading them all.

firefox crash

IE9 on the other hand acts like I didn’t have any active tabs before the crash. I load IE9 after the crash, and it just goes to my homepage. Once in a blue moon, it will show some kind of prompt with something like: “Your browsing session appears to have crashed. Recover webpages? [Yes] or [No].” There’s no choice to load particular tabs or windows, and it won’t work for pinned IE9 sites. Plus this behavior isn’t consistent; 9 times out of 10 I get no chance to recover webpages.

So the IE team, please get a clue and have Internet Explorer consistently pick up wherever you left off, regardless of a system crash. If there is a crash, I should be able to either restore all tabs/windows, or selectively checkmark on a list the tabs/windows I’d like to restore. Thanks!