How do you turn off comments on a particular blog post?

I’ve noticed this before, and I noticed it today on the VE Team’s blog:

I’m really curious, cause I’d love to do this too. I checked my blog settings, and it isn’t available. Which leads me to believe that someone on the Virtual Earth team blog did this manually, probably through connections with the Windows Live team?

If that’s true, I wish they’d extend that feature to users, if it’s not already available. Anyone know how to turn off comments (not disable completely) on a particular blog post, whenever you want to?


Automatically add your Live Messenger status to Facebook status

This is really handy if you are both a Windows Live Messenger user and a Facebook user. One of the first things I do when I login to my computer is to run WLM, and I often update my status too. This tool, created by Microsoft, will allow automatically add that status to your Facebook status. Handy, eh?
Thanks to Windows Live Chronicles for the information.