Leopard is not that worth of an upgrade


Now I’ll be honest – I haven’t used Leopard, but based on what I’ve seen, I probably wouldn’t be interested in upgrading to it (FYI : I also have a MacBook Pro I use sometimes).

Why? Because there’s not much.

The ONLY main feature that seems interesting is Time Machine.

And even Time Machine hasn’t proven reliable according to many users. A few problems exist. So why bother upgrading? Just ONE major feature. All the other little things are worthless to me.

Have you seen Apple’s "300 reasons to upgrade to Leopard"?

What a sham. Most of these are very little reasons – many insignificant reasons.

International support? Please, Vista supports more than 25 national languages, and that deeply overshadows Leopard’s capabilities.

Some of them have to do with extras to a few iLife programs. Sorry, but iLife is not included with Leopard – it might come with a Mac in some points, but NOT with Leopard.

Parental Controls? Please, Vista has had these too, and I find many users who use them are very happy.

I could go on and on. But it’s pretty much a crappy fake list. But you do have to give Apple some props. – They at least MADE a list of many ‘features’, placed it on the site in a very easy-to-read format.

Vista recently (as far as I know, but they claim it’s been there awhile) put out a list of "100 reasons you’ll be speechless".

Microsoft – you’re so lame on this one! Speechless? How about using a word that can’t be used neutrally/negatively? Speechless like I can’t believe I bought it? No Microsoft, just stick to "100 Reasons to Upgrade to Vista". Much better. And they were also pretty late with this list.

There’s a TON of stupid reasons on this list too. Sigh. Here are examples:

4. See your world in a whole new light.

5. It can find your stuff.

7. Because you can freeze time

47. Let the fun start now

55. Because success tomorrow starts today

What the heck! Nonsense! Balderdash! Poppycock! That is the dumbest fluff I’ve heard. Did a 2nd grader right this?

And just like Leopard’s 300 features, some reasons are pretty much the same. A ton involve the word "Windows Media Center". Yes, we know it’s the best out there, but that shouldn’t count as 1/3 of the reasons to buy Vista.

There was also a whole lot of "easier-to-do-things" kind of stuff. Whatever.

I had to criticize this one a lot, because I know Vista better than that. Too many of the description were artsy, rather than to-the-point and correct. There weren’t even pictures or videos.

So BOTH lists are incredibly dumb. But Vista’s reasons were a bit more worse. But Leopard’s list isn’t any better.

Well my point is, is to not judge an OS by what they claim it has, but what it can do for YOU.

So if you have Tiger – stick with it. The new OS X might be much more interesting. But Leopard is pretty much a bore.

Any Mac fan who says you should buy it, is dumb. They’re just going to goad on it, but I’m realistic, and know what I’m doing.

Don’t buy Leopard.


Problems with new Windows OS releases – ought to be solved in Windows 7

Vista – the latest Windows OS that has some riled, and some happy.

Despite the many problems with Windows Vista that some people are experiencing, the only major problem I find is compatibility and support for older software and drivers. That’s the biggie that has some people not wanting it.

Some people insist on waiting until SP2 for full maturity, and compatibility, and for just plain better performance, than the state Vista is in right now. That could be up to 2009 for all we know.

XP really wasn’t that good of an OS until SP2. I use it myself, and everything works great with no problem. Unfortunately, it took several years since the release of XP for it to come.

Leopard has come, and there’s no compatibility (or little) problems for many users.

Why? Because Leopard is still a part of Apple’s OS X.

Essentially, Leopard is sort of like a Service Pack – for OS X.

New features, updates, etc. But in another way, it’s also a whole new OS.

That’s how Windows should work.

I think Microsoft should start from scratch and build a whole brand new kernel, coreor whatever techies call it, for Windows to run on.

The one they use right now, isn’t that good as it should be, and techies like to sling that around Microsoft. The architecture Windows currently runs on is just bloated, and it’s become worse and worse.

Sometimes, it’s best to do away with the old, and welcome in the new. Sort of like how Apple did a whole OS re-vamp. It took time, but now it’s as successful as ever, because this system works very well. Redesigning a system to work very well pretty important.

One that runs efficiently on many machines, that’s lightweight on the specs, with as little security holes as possible, and be just a great working OS. Windows can work great (as it does for many people) by just installing a few stuff, and having a few smarts, but Windows itself should work great as it’s own.

I know tons of experts out there are saying this already, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again.

A whole new kernel architecture would be the best thing for Microsoft to do, instead or releasing a whole new OS that can’t be compatible with older versions.

I could use Linux or OS X right now, but for now, I just prefer Windows.

I hate the commenting system on Live Spaces

The commenting system on Live Spaces can be rather redundant.

Why? Here’s the top reasons:

  1. Comments listed from bottom to top – For some reason, where most web blogs have the latest comments at the bottom, and the earliest comments at the top, it’s the exact opposite for Live Spaces. I don’t get why the latest comment goes on top of all the other people. If somebody wants to read the earliest, they might have to go onto the next page to see, which is ridiculous. WE live in America, and we read left to right, and TOP to BOTTOM. NOT bottom to top. Tsk. Tsk. Microsoft. Sigh.
  2. Separating different comments – Most sites somehow visually display comments as separate per user as they can. Live Spaces just muddles them together as one unit. I don’t know how, but comments has to show some visual border against another comment. Maybe dashed lines? Or even a nice big rectangular flat speech balloon, that some fancy sites have been using. Anything to help visually separate the comments from one another.
  3. Needing a Live ID login to post comments – I think you really need a Live ID login to post a comment. Most other web blogs allow anyone who visits a site, a chance to post a comment, as long as they put their e-mail with it, and maybe even a name. But of course, Live Spaces requires a Live ID. I think I’ve seen people pass it before, or maybe they found a way to in the settings. Well I wish anyone could just post a comment if they want to, as long as the provide an e-mail address.

Well that’s the top 3 reasons that has irked me for awhile. Especially #1. Latest comment should go at the bottom.

Do any other Windows Live Spaces users find this annoying? Does it separate you from using Live Spaces often?

Really, the comment system needs to get redone, to make it much more nicer to work with.

Just thought I’d post this to see if any Live Spaces team workers might pass by.

Windows Live Gallery gets an update


So it seems the Windows Live Gallery site got an update.

It still looks relatively the same. So what’s new? Here’s what has changed:

  1. Live Bar UI – Well they finally added a Live Bar UI at the top. Makes it already look much better.
  2. Microsoft Points – now developers can sell their gadgets for some MS Points. I don’t like MS Points, but it is a smart way to get developers to build, if they feel like they’re getting rewarded.
  3. More organized gadget details page – the details page for each gadget is much more simplified and easier to look at. It’s much better to see at a glance of what the gadget includes, and is a more straightforward approach compared to the last look.
  4. Windows Live Forum for Gallery – I think this is new, since I haven’t seen it before. It’s quite similar to the one on QnA. Nice to have a place where users can talk about how to make Live Gallery and it’s gadget better, but Live Forum in general looks like something that belonged in the late 1990’s, and should have stayed there. Is it that hard to update the look to make it more friendlier?

Well that’s the main things.

I personally wished instead of Microsoft Points, real currency could be used. Figuring out the exact cost in real US currency is far too much of a hassle that I should have to go through. 80 pts. = $1 makes each point worth approximately 1.25 cents each. If there is such a thing as .25 of a cent. I hope they kill MS Points one day.

At least the gadget details page is much more cleaner and organized to sift through:


Microsoft should appeal to developers to make better gadgets by offering a contest to see who’s the best gadget maker in each semi-category on Live Gallery.

Top prize for each one could be something like a free Sony Vaio laptop with Vista installed on it (my want!), or maybe a free Zune (new one!), an Xbox 360 Elite, Office 2007 Ultimate, or many high-priced Microsoft offerings for free!

That would definitely entice developers to come and build quality gadgets on Live Spaces.

Most of the gadgets right now are kind of buggy and awful.

Some look awful, some don’t work, some have misleading names, some are worthless, some don’t work across all Gadget platforms, some annoy the user more than it helps, and so-on and so-on.

And the gadget details usually has horrible photos of the gadget in action, or the gadget icon. Even Microsoft.

Like take for instance these emoticons somebody from Microsoft made. The icon of this gadget is pixelated, and low-res for a large software company. There’s also no picture or screenshot of these emoticons in action or how they look. Very useful.

It’s great to know Microsoft really knows how to sell their stuff – NOT. Seriously, Microsoft is not setting a good precedent for future developers if they keep making low quality gadgets like this one. If developers aren’t coming over to work on more gadgets, than Microsoft should take the opportunity instead. Make gadgets that people REALLY care about. Like maybe a proper Countdown or Poll gadget?

An International site for Live Gallery would also be appealing. I hate it when foreigners speak in their native tongues on reviews. I can’t read a word.

Well at least the Live Gallery area is improving. Hopefully, they continue to do better.

NO “OFFICIAL” Zune Marketplace Anywhere – big mistake in posting (sorry)

Seems like I made a big mistake yesterday.

I wrote a post about "Zune Marketplace Anywhere", which was meant to be a post describing Microsoft’s new update that will allow Zune Marketplace to be available on the computer, the device itself via WiFi, your internet browser via MSN Music, and on your WinMo 6 phone.

Unfortunately, Zune Marketplace Anywhere does not exist, and might/probably will never exist.

In my haste to get a new post on my Live Spaces, I forgot to put a little disclaimer at the bottom of the story explaining that this was just a what-if scenario. In other words, made-up just for the fun of it. Get some ideas going and all.

I had no idea it would spread like wildfire.

I got almost 600 page views today, according to the statistics counter in Live Spaces. Highest known record for me ever.

I had sites like msmobiles.comzunethoughts.com, and lately mobilitysite.com add an article, and a link to my post about this.

HOW they even found my blog is a mystery to me. WHY they would believe anything coming from some anonymous blogger like me is another thing.

So I’m sorry guys. But Zune Marketplace Anywhere is not something real as far as I know. I wish it were, but it’s just a wish for right now.

Hopefully, someone from Redmond is reading this, and might put this to reality one day – soon.

Feel free to add me as a friend

Activity isn’t always strong on this blog, but I appreciate the visits I see everyday.

I’m quite open to anything.

If you want to add me as a friend, go ahead and request it. Most likely I’ll add you (if I can tell you’re not crazy, weird, or annoying).

Heck, you can even IM me on Live Messenger. But I have to know you a little bit before I add you. I just don’t give out my e-mail to anyone on the web. 😛

So if you really have the urge to do further communication, go ahead. Don’t be scared. I don’t mind at all.

Microsoft gets a stake in Facebook – why that’s a great thing

                + = ?

Have you heard the news? Microsoft has a stake in Facebook. A 1.6% for 240 million.

Some people might see this as worthless (as Facebook may not seem that important to some), or a great opportunity to seize another thing landing in Google’s hands.

Some people have made jokes that Microsoft taking part in any web site, is due to be bad (as evidenced by jokes about Facebook being Facebook Live, longer name change, update in 2011, working in IE/Windows only, etc being old Microsoft mistakes from Valleyway). But those sound like Microsoft’s old mistakes. I still can’t believe people think these jokes are really funny or even accurate.

I’m quite sure Microsoft has more business sense than to kill Facebook by making drastic changes to the site, and making Facebook what it never was meant to be.

So here’s something that I would like to see come from this closer partnership:

  • Windows Live applications on Facebook – For those who don’t know, applications on Facebook = gadgets on Live Spaces. Except, I find applications on Facebook are much better in terms of quality, design, and ability than what’s available right now for Live Spaces. (where Microsoft ought to entice, or make themselves product better gadgets for Live Spaces). Maybe a way to show what questions you recently asked on QnA. Your SkyDrive collection, etc. We need more "official" Windows Live/MSN applications on Facebook AND Live Spaces. Microsoft really needs to get on with the times.
  • Live Search algorithm – Maybe the search box for Facebook can be run by Live Search. Makes smart sense for both Facebook and MS. The Live Search algorithm is pretty darn good, and getting better, so why not?
  • Zune Social app – extending from the 1st bullet, another great app. would be the Zune Social thing. Since Facebook is more of a social network than anything, Zune Social really has to be available on Facebook (and maybe Live Spaces). It just makes sense.

Well, that’s the most that could come out in this strong partnership. At least positively that is.

So here’s to hoping Microsoft doesn’t mess up this great opportunity of theirs.